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How To Find And Reach Out To Fellow Alumni After College

How To Find And Reach Out To Fellow Alumni After College

It’s always difficult to network with other alumni especially once you’ve graduated. Maybe you are trying to network for job opportunities, to develop friendships or to gain a mentor in your field of work. Regardless of the reasons, we have developed a list of tips that will make it easier for you to reach out to fellow alumni after college.

1. Check out the Alumni website

Finding any information about alumni from your college can all be found on the alumni website. From there, it’s easy to search up specific topics that might interest you, read up on news that is relevant to alumni, or search up on benefits that alumni might have. If you would like to reach out to fellow alumni, you can find events and programs that are available.


2. Join a networking event

Another way to reach out to fellow alumni is to join a networking event. You can join a lecture on a topic and explore a subject while also in the company of other alumni, or even attend a professional development seminar and learn about a topic that interests you. There are events available that fellow alumni can attend and each occasion is a great opportunity to meet new people while still sharing a common interest. These are wonderful ways to connect with others and joining a networking event instantly breaks the ice.

3. Enroll in continuing education

While exploring your career field there might be a time in which you would like to pursue your studies. Some colleges offer graduate studies that come in the form of lectures, courses or certifications. These classes will bring you into contact with other fellow alumni that are pursuing the same area as you. This will further your chances in keeping contact with others and will have you interacting with them.


4. Join an association

Many alumni networks contain associations that will bring you in close contact with other fellow alumni. By joining these associations, you will be giving back to the community by participating either in college life, student recruitment and scholarship or by being part of a board. You will be working with other alumni on a close basis giving you many openings to start a conversation.


5. Mentorship

Many young alumni will want to search for other fellow alumni in their field for mentorship. Most colleges will offer some sort of mentorship program that connects alumni with those that would like to be mentored by them. Introductions are usually made based on a mutual interest, so having the college act as a go-between increases your chances at reaching out to an alumn.

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6. Host a dinner

By hosting a dinner and inviting over community members from your college you might meet fellow alumni. Most colleges have events that allow an alumn to host a dinner for other college members, faculty and alumni. You wouldn’t have to worry about the guest list, the college would usually make the guest list for you and promote the dinner. This is a good way of connecting to the college community while also improving and showing off your hosting skills!

7. Volunteer

If you want to meet other fellow alumni while still doing something charitable for the community, you can volunteer your time. Some colleges allow alumni to volunteer and give back to the school by sharing their experience with others. You can join a local volunteering group in an area that you feel passionate about and work with others while still reaching out to them in a meaningful way.


We hope these tips allow you to find and reach out to fellow alumni easier. Tell us in the comments below how you reached out to fellow alumni. What advice would you give?

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