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How To Become Healthier In 1 Month

How To Become Healthier In 1 Month

Little things can drastically impact the way we look, feel as well as our health in overall. We have gathered some helpful tips that will help you feel and look healthier in just 1 month.

Health is an important aspect of our life that we should never forget about, and sometimes even the smallest details in our daily routine can drastically affect it in both good and bad ways. We have gathered 10 tips on how your body (including skin, nails, and hair) can get healthier in just 1 month.

Tip #1

In the morning take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed on an empty stomach. Chew thoroughly with a glass of warm water and eat After 30 minutes. What effect does it have? It detoxes the body wonderfully. The skin will become smoother and fresher, while hair and nails will strengthen.

Tip #2

Try to eat boiled beets daily. Beetroot is a unique blood purifier, And blood health is an important indicator of beautiful appearance. This will have a positive effect on the skin and on the work of the internal organs.


Tip #3

Every day, an hour before bedtime, apply moisturizer to your face for skin health – a homemade version of a mixture of glycerin and vitamin E will work fantastically as well. Before applying the product, you need to clean the skin and exfoliate it. In this state, your cells absorb nutrients much faster and better.

Tip #4

Try to eat at least 50 grams of nuts every day, any that you like. Your hair and nails will tell you a HUGE thank you in 2 weeks since the good fats contained in nuts promote nice growth.

Tip #5

For every three days, try to make a hair mask from dry mustard powder, diluted to the consistency of oatmeal, with the addition of vegetable oil. Apply to the wet hair, keep it for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off. After a month of regular use, your hair will look shiny and strong.


Tip #6

Before going to bed, after a shower, grease your feet with moisture cream and a few drops of mint oil. Then put on some socks and go to bed. The skin will be very moisturized and won’t flake off.

Tip #7

To take care of your eyelashes, you will need an empty clean tube from mascara. Fill it in with wheat germ oil and your homemade remedy to strengthen and grow your eyelashes is ready. A month later, you will see that the eyelashes have become thicker, grown up and look extremely healthy.

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Tip # 8

Don’t forget about your body – take one glass of sea salt and add one glass of sour cream. After showering, carefully massage the whole body with the mixture and rinse with warm water. Sea salt removes all the dead particles from the surface of the skin, while sour cream softens the effect of salt, not allowing it to scratch delicate skin, and also nourishes the cells. Regular use will give a wonderful result and promote the health of your skin.

Tip #9

Once again for the skin – Get for yourself such a treasure such as an amaranth oil. The main component of this product is squalene, which in turn, is one of the main components of our skin. Oil gets absorbed almost 100% and in the fight against wrinkles, scars, burns, stretch marks and other skin troubles comes out as a winner! Use it daily for both face and skin to save a lot of problems in the future.

Tip #10

Your hair will feel incredible by preparing special water for rinsing hair after washing. Just add a few drops of menthol oil and rinse your curls after each wash. This will give an incredible freshness and lightness on the scalp, and will even relieve headaches. It also effectively fights dandruff and helps with excessively oily hair.


Let us know if you have any helpful tips in the comments below!

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