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How To Ask For A Raise In The Most Professional Way Possible

How To Ask For A Raise In The Most Professional Way Possible

Have you ever been in a position in which you felt that you deserved a raise at work? You have been working hard and giving it your all recently, so it’s only expected you start to wonder about a raise. For all that effort you have been exuding lately you now believe it’s time for the talk with your employer. However, confronting your employer and asking for a raise can be daunting and downright awkward for some people. Here are some of our top tips on how to ask for a raise in the most professional way possible.

1. Research your pay

Before you start to ask for a raise you need to do your research on the average pay rate for your position. In order to start a discussion about your salary there needs to be a base rate that you’re founding your request from. What is the average wage someone in your position is currently making? If you rank lower than average, then you can request for your wage to equal the average market worth. If you already rank higher than average, then be prepared to list your redeeming qualities and why you think you deserve a raise.


2. Have a positive outlook

Before you ask for a raise be sure that in the days and weeks following up you have been giving it your all at work and with a positive attitude. Start the day right and think of all the positives you have yet to do and finish the day off strong by reminding yourself of all the positives you have done. You’ll start to notice a change in your attitude towards work that your employer might also notice as well, and they might strike up a conversation about your wage.

During your conversation do not mention any negatives regarding your wages so far. It’s not going to work in your favor if you start to complain about doing too much work for too little pay or that you’ve been working there for years without a promotion.


3. Mention your contributions

During your conversation, you might have to mention your contributions when asking for a raise. Some bosses and superiors might be overseeing many employees at once, leaving them with little recollection of your daily activities. Don’t take this to heart, many employers are usually swamped and might not take immediate notice of your hard work.

If you feel that you have been overlooked, take the time to write down the contributions you have made and be sure to remember them. When the time comes don’t be afraid to back up your request with examples and concrete evidence of your great work so far.

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4. Be confident

The most important tip of all when you ask for a raise is that confidence is key. Before you open a discussion about your wages make sure that you yourself believe you deserve a raise. If you truly feel that you have done good work, then you will naturally feel that this is the right decision. If you believe it is so, then it will happen.


Your employer will notice the confidence and determination emanating from you and might just be convinced enough as it is. And if things go south and your employer doesn’t comply with your request, then don’t be afraid to ask how you can change their opinion. There is nothing wrong with a little constructive criticism.

When was the last time you asked for a raise, and what happened? Are there any other tips you would recommend to others about how to professionally ask for a raise?

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