5 Handbags Every Girl Needs To Own

From handbags to rucksacks, backpacks, clutches and cross body bags, these are all versatile and cute bags that every girl needs in her closet!

A handbag in general is a must for any girl. Some of us have way too many, and some of us are just overwhelmed about the endless possibilities of size, colour and shape. Below is a list of essential handbags that all of us girls should own as they are super versatile for everyday living.

1. The Hands-Free Backpack

If you are going to university on a large campus, big city or you’re just a gal on the go; this bag is a must. The backpack is easy on your shoulders and roomy (especially if you’re carrying heavy textbooks and a laptop), most importantly you’re also hands-free to carry your Starbucks or Tim Horton’s without stress. The style of backpacks has really evolved since our elementary school days so it shouldn’t be hard to find a cute but functional one too.

this backpack is so cute for school!

2. The Multi-Occasion Cross Body

Ah the cross body, what a classic. Not much to say but a medium size cross body is great when exploring the city on the weekends with friends. They’re perfect for nights out and daytime adventures alike.

this cross body bag is perfect for any occasion!

3. The Never Full Tote

Running around from errands to errands? This is the perfect time to grab your tote. No matter what you put inside, these things they never seem to get full! Most totes are also supper environmentally friendly as they are usually made out of recycled canvas materials (so no, it doesn’t have to be Louis Vuitton ;p). #savetheplanet

Totes are great bags for multi purposes!

4. The Messenger On A Mission

The messenger bag is definitely an underrated one. This bag is perfect if you are going in for a job or internship interview. The messenger not only looks super chick and put-together without trying, but is also very professional.

Messenger bags create such cute outfits!

5. The Nifty Clutch

Whether you’re going on a cute date or don’t want to carry much with you, a clutch is great to have on deck. These bags are usually on the smaller size than the previous ones mentioned, but despite that, still very functional. They come in all different shapes and colours, so there’s no doubt that you will find one that’s perfect just for you.

This clutch is so cute with this outfit!

Although these are must-have handbags for every girl, don’t get caught up trying to look like every girl. Personalize these bags and pick colours, shapes and finishes that suit your style and personality!
Featured Image Source: http://www.kokoluxe.com
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