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10 Gym Alternatives For Carleton University Students

10 Gym Alternatives For Carleton University Students

Carleton University offers a lot of great gym alternatives. Here are a few ideas for Carleton University students looking to work out without spending money

Going to the gym might be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’ve never been before. Here are ten alternatives you can find in Ottawa. These ideas are epic for any Carleton University students.

1. Carleton University Athletics.

Learn what your university has to offer. Athletics has a lot to offer, here is a list:

  1. A swimming pool.
  2. Ice rink
  3. Field house
  4. Tennis and squash courts
  5. Basketball court Martial Arts

Considering the fact that Ottawa is a “small” city it has a surprisingly large number of Martial Arts and fitness gyms, cause even nice people need to release stress somehow. Personally, I am enrolled in a Sambo Class at the Tina Takashi centre.


3. Cycling

Ottawa is filled with great scenery, sometimes it seems like it has nothing but scenery to offer. I know, I know Ottawa could sometimes get boring. Anyway, if you don’t own a bike you can still use a bike share service linked bellow to get your fix.


4. Running/ hiking

Adding on to the fact that Ottawa is VERY scenic you could try the less efficient mode of transportation, your legs. A brisk walk along the canal, downtown, the arboretum or whichever place you’d like to go will end up giving the same result, you tired and know the city this much better.

5. Dancing

If you want to break a sweat while still looking good, try dancing. Any number of dance studios would be happy to accept new students, and you can even find free dance classes on campus. So if you want to look good next time you go clubbing or to a wedding and sweep that person you’ve fancy right off the dance floor try dancing classes, Thank me later.

6. Rock climbing

Let us switch up the activities from the horizontal to the vertical, speaking of vertical have you tried going to Vertical Reality located across the war museum or any rock climbing gym located in Ottawa, nice Segway eh? Seriously, rock climbing could be one of the most therapeutic activities out there requiring patience, strength and perseverance.


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7. Winter Sports

If you thought I wouldn’t add winter sports, then well…. Ummm it’s Canada you have to learn a winter sport, or all of them who cares. The canal becomes the largest ice rink in the world and a pair of skates wont brake the bank so what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, a lot of hot drinks maybe a pocket heater or two (ask me how I know) and go exploring, find the famous bridge. Or if you want something more daredevil-ish you could go on one of the ski trips offered by the associations on campus.

8. Kayaking/Canoeing

If you live on campus you’d be happy to know that Dows lake is literally a down the canal from you, and guess what! You can rent a Canoe there, or a kayak, pedal boat or whatever…. The important thing is you can get on the water and enjoy the fresh smell of the canal (you know what I mean). But if you know someone with a car, you’re in luck because you can still rent on fifth Ave and Petrie Island.

9. Dog walking

This is my dog Phoebe since she’s still a puppy, I have to walk her three times a day and go for a long run before bedtime. Exhausting I know but by the end of the day you’ll get killer calves and awesome stamina (I have neither btw results may vary).


10. Writing this article

While writing this article I actually had to get out of my apartment and experience all the things listed above. Moral of the story go out more, see the city you’re living in. WRITER’S DISCLAIMER: (all activities stated in this list are to be attempted at your own risk, I have injured myself doing some of them because I didn’t take my time to prepare. So take it easy at first till you get the hang of things and don’t get stuck 20 kms away from shore on a kayak in the middle of the water while a thunderstorm is happening). Hope you enjoyed these Carleton University alternatives.

Let us know what you think about these awesome gym alternatives at Carleton University in the comments below!
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