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10 Graduation Cap Decorations That Will Make Your Cap Shine

10 Graduation Cap Decorations That Will Make Your Cap Shine

A graduation cap symbolizes years of hard work. How people choose to use graduation cap decorations to adorn their hard work can differ from person to person. Some people like to touch on their years at an institution or highlight issues that are important to them. If you’re stuck on how to personalize your graduation cap to make it your own, then check out this list of graduation cap decorations that are guaranteed to make your cap shine.

1. Eye Popping Colours

One of the best graduation cap decorations that can be used is colour. Using bright colours like orange and pink will make your cap stand out from the many other caps in the same room. It will also make it easier for your loved ones to spot you in a crowd and cheer you on. Painting on your cap may be your best bet to make sure the material doesn’t move when you’re making that proud and long deserving walk into convocation.

2. Glitter

Another commonly used graduation cap decoration is glitter. Glitter also plays a big role in making your cap shine. It’s very easy to spot something sparkly in a large crowd and will play a role in sparking everyone’s mood.


3. The Use Of Influential Figures

Influential figures play a big role in graduation cap decorations. This is because they resonate with the person who’s graduating. Perhaps this influential figure played a role in helping people, or maybe this influential person is who the graduate aspires to be. Either way, they’re a great way to make an graduation cap shine.

4. Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are probably one of the most popular graduation cap decorations. They can speak to how a person is feeling at the moment, whether that be sad, happy or sentimental. These quotes are often taken from popular TV shows or from films that have resonated with the graduate their entire life.


5. Themes

While graduation cap decorations are often set to an individual’s taste, it can be a cool concept to set a theme with some of your friends or graduating fellows. This theme could be based on something the collective likes or perhaps it’s a nod from the program their graduating from. Either way, making themed graduation caps will definitely make the group stand out.


6. Personal Representations

Decorating a graduation cap to represent your like and dislikes is another way to make your graduation cap shine. Graduating is a very proud moment because it’s a representation of all the hard work you put in over the years. Maybe there was something that helped you through the tough times. Representing that would make be a nod to what helped you get to where you are now.

7. A Family Shout-Out

Another important support tool that most people have is the support of their family. One graduation cap decoration that will definitely make your cap stand out is if it featured them. This could be through the use of pictures or words that remind you of them. Either way, it would be nice to give the people who helped you the most a well-deserved shout out.

8. The Coast Of Education

Another important graduation cap decoration that’s often featured highlights the high cost of getting an education. This is a great cap decoration because it’s all about keeping it real and highlights the financial struggle that a lot of people face when attending school.

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9. Cute Figures

Cute stickers or figures of animals or characters, such as Dori, have been graduation cap decorations used to make caps shine. The cuteness of these figures make for an oh so adorable graduation cap. They can often be accompanied by quotes that can be ironic or playing up on the cuteness factor.


10. Girl Power

Another graduation cap decoration that will make your cap shine will be to highlight the importance of women graduating. There is a disproportionate number of women in the world who don’t receive a higher education. There are many factors to this and highlight this through graduation cap decorations will help send a message.


Have you decorated your own graduation cap or are planning on doing so soon? Comment your graduation cap decorations down below!

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