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12 Gifts For Your Best Friend Under $30

12 Gifts For Your Best Friend Under $30

Even though we are the closest to our best friends, they can be the hardest to shop for sometimes! If you’ve ever had to pick out gifts for your best friend, you know it can be a struggle because you want to get her the perfect gift. If you’re looking for gifts for your best friend, while on a budget, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 12 gifts for your best friend under $30. Happy shopping!

1. A girl can never have too many scarves.

A scarf completes any outfit and is great for every season! She’ll love you forever for adding to her collection.

2. Every BFF needs a good sweater for sweater weather.

A cute sweater goes a long way, especially in the colder months. Get her a cute sweater that she’ll adore and she’ll think of you whenever she puts it on.


3. Let her glam up for the holiday parties with some bold lips.

Colorpop matte lipsticks are the hottest thing on the market. I promise you she will be obsessed no matter what color you get her.

4. Any coffee related gift will work if she’s a huge coffee fan.

If your BFF is the one who drinks coffee every morning (and maybe has a second one during the day) she deserves a coffee gift for christmas. A cute t-shirt or a personalized coffee mug are great ideas!

5. …Or maybe she’s a tea drinker.

If she prefers tea over coffee, get her some loose leaf tea or a new tea mug that she can use ever day. The possibilities are endless.


6. A good fragrance is a girl’s best friend.

You come next. Get her a fragrance set so she can test out a bunch of different ones to see which one she likes best!


7. A cute pair of pajamas for your homebody BFF.

We all have that one friend who loves to lie around the house and never leave. Give in to her weakness and get her a snazzy new pair of PJs she can wear during your next sleepover!


8. A makeup gift set if she hoards makeup like its her job.

We also all have that one friend who has drawers full of makeup. Shes the one who we all ask to do our face every Friday night. Chances are, your face has used up more of her makeup than she has. Get her a cute gift set with lots of mini versions so she can find new products she likes! And just maybe she’ll let you use them.


9. She’ll need to keep those lips moisturized for a mistletoe kiss.

Burts Bees are the best moisturizing products for the lips! I’m sure she already loves the brand and will be so excited to add to her collection!


10. A colouring book is a great stress reliever for that friend who’s always stressing.

If you have one of those BFFs who is always too stressed about homework or jobs or her family, then she could use a little de-stressing with an adult colouring book. She’ll thank you later.


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11. Keep her feet warm with cozy socks.

Cozy, fuzzy, warm socks always make a great gift! One can never have too many pairs, and there’s so many cute ones to choose from.

12. She can never have too many phone cases.

Phone cases are such fun gifts because you can find one that suits her personality. If she loves pizza, get her a pizza one. If she loves sushi, get her a sushi one. And if she loves all things sparkly, get her a glitter phone case!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Do you have any other good ideas for gifts for your best friend? Share in the comments below!
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