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15 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Mom Under $20

15 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Mom Under $20


Moms can be the closest people to you but the hardest to shop for…luckily there are 15 great gift ideas for mom under $20 below! Does your mum already have EVERYTHING? That’s what it might seem like, but believe me, she surely does not. Of course, you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your mum! After all, she put up with your literal and figurative crap for a lot of years; she deserves the best of the best! Every Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day etc. we typically leave this task to the last minute and end up scrambling together a card that looks like a 6-year-old wrote in it and the same thing you got her last year. So, here are 20 helpful gift ideas for you to give your one-of-a-kind mum, for less than $20!

1. These Cute Wine Socks 

I always hear my mum and my friends who are mums say that wine is “God’s gift to mankind”. Get her these fab socks so she never has to leave the couch again. She deserves to be waited on after waiting on you for all these years!


2. A Wine Tote For Easy Transportation

If your mum always has the liquor cabinet stocked with wine, maybe buying her another bottle isn’t the greatest idea. Instead, make it convenient for her to grab the closest bottle and head over to a girlfriend’s house for a glass by gifting her a cute and secure wine bag!

3. Lots and lots..And Lots Of Chocolate 

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend must have either been deprived of this heavenly substance or it was a man. Whether it’s Purdy’s chocolate or a handful of candy bars from the convenient store, your mum will turn into the typical excited kid on Halloween.


4. Some Luxurious Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are an amazing gift for women who are looking for some therapeutic alone time! What is not to love about bath bombs?! They’re not super expensive, there are loads of different kinds for different sorts of relief, and you can even make them yourself!

5. A Portable Charging Accessory 

Maybe it is just my mum, but she pretty much never has her phone on, because it’s always dead! Getting your mum a portable charging accessory would be great for her as well as others who would finally be able to get a hold of her now that she has such a handy item! Be careful when shopping for this gift because this accessory can vary drastically in price.


6. Candles Are Always A Great Option

I have never met a woman who would turn down a nice smelling candle.  I’m sure you will be able to find a scent that your mum will go crazy over!



7. A Good Book 

Romance, mystery, self-help, science fiction, drama, action and adventure: you have so many options! If your mum isn’t the type to read a book front to back, you could also purchase her a cheap magazine subscription!


8. A Cozy Pair Of Slippers 

Because socks don’t make the cut on cold and rainy days, you should probably get your mum an extra comfy pair of slippers. She’ll appreciate the replacement of the slippers she has had since the early 2000’s.

9. Meaningful Jewelry That She’ll Love

Your mum’s preference is key when you are shopping for jewelry to give her. Sometimes you can purchase customized jewelry, which is even better!



10. Personalized Self-Inking Stamp 

A convenient item to have is a personalized self-inking stamp that has your mum’s address or signature on it! It looks super fancy and will make sending birthday and Christmas cards to relatives a bit less of a hassle.


11. A Personalized Back Scratcher 

My first year away from home, my mum would always complain about how I’m not around before bed to give her back scratches. I soon became her favorite child by giving her a back scratcher that she still uses over four years later!

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12. Any Sort Of Beauty Products 

Whether it is a couple new nail polish colors, an NYX eyeshadow palate, or a funky lipstick, your mum will love it because she now has another reason to get dolled up and go out for a date night!



13. A Phone Case Meant For Her

Something cute and functional that you can customize and order online or go to the mall and pick one up right away! This is probably a good idea since she has most likely had the same one since the bought the phone, over two years ago.



14. A Cute Frame With A Photo Of You Two

A single picture frame with your stunning face or a fancy frame that can hold several photos would be a sweet gift for your mom! You know why? Because she misses you when you are away at school and wants to see you as often as she can because you are growing up way too fast.


15. A 2017 Planner

Help her stay organized by getting her a new planner for the upcoming year! If you choose to give her this gift, you have countless options. There are planners that are artsy, inspirational, filled with cute pictures of animals, you can even order customized planners if they are on sale (so keep an eye out for good deals!)

Bonus!: Anything Home Made

One time, I handmade a necklace for my mum when I was roughly 8 years old and she still wears it to this day. Every time I would bake something for her, make her a home-made candle, buy her a new nail polish I thought she would like, she would say she loves it so much and hug me like the mama bear she is. Your mum will appreciate anything crafted by you, so give it a try and give yourself lots of time in advance to get her something else if you mess it up!


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Do you have any other thoughtful gift ideas for mom? Share in the comments below!
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