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10 GIFs That Describe What It’s Actually Like To Be A Student At McMaster University

10 GIFs That Describe What It’s Actually Like To Be A Student At McMaster University

10 GIFs That Describe What It’s Actually Like To Be A Student At McMaster University
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Being a McMaster student can be awesome, but at the same time there are so many other ways it can be described. As a student, there is not one single expression or emotion you can use to describe what it’s like to be at McMaster. So here are 10 GIFs that accurately describe what it’s actually like to be a student at Mcmaster University if you can’t find the words yourself!

1. When Mac Finally Gets A Snowday.

McMaster is known for starting early, and finishing at the same time as other universities when it comes to exams, giving the students a real mission. That also applies to inclement weather. So for the once-in-a-blue-moon times Mac gets a snow day, it definitely feels like a victory!

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2. The Endless Amount of Stairs in the Library.

Aside from Mac having a huge campus, with libraries like Mills you won’t feel guilty for taking the elevator every once in awhile- especially if you’re visiting the sixth floor!

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3. Student Election Season.

When it comes around to that time of year, where posters are almost covering every inch of the wall in the student center or the reps are visiting your every class, and catching a minute with you to promote themselves. It almost feels like the elections never stop. As nice as it seems at first with all these candidates trying to make Mac a better place, if not done in moderation, it can get a little overwhelming.


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4. Campus Map, Campus Map, Campus Map…

Especially in your first year, finding one main way to your class seems to be the most reliable, and then when you get comfortable you start to notice and take the short cuts. However, before you find those quick and easy routes to your class, you’re bound to get a little lost, but it happens to the best of us.

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5. When You Get Your Next Slice Free.

Nothing is better than getting free food, but that is hard to find on a university campus. With places like Pizza Pizza in La Piazza where they’ll have coupons for food and getting the 4th slice free, it’s okay to share a little happy dance.

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6. Summer Weather? Summer Heat.

As nice as the summer weather is to enjoy, when you get to class (especially a class with a high amount of people in a condensed space) you’ll feel the layer of stickiness accumulating on your skin and in the air.


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7. Hidden Places You Never Knew Existed.

Mac is a big place and sometimes the campus map can’t help you with places like the basements. You’ll find yourself thinking you’re going the right way, finding yourself in Innis library, but if you take the door to your left instead, you end up in front of the Ivor Wynne Center. Mind = Blown.


8. Speed Dating with Academic Advisors.

It’s nothing like high school where the guidance counselors come to your class and pull you aside to find out what you’re up to. You visit the academic advising office during their operating hours, and you must have all your questions ready to ask and be answered almost immediately. As there are thousands of other students seeking help as well, you can only see so many students in one day, and sorting your thoughts is not a part of their job.

9. Lineups… Lineups Everywhere.

Whether you’re in line for the bathroom in student center right after your class, in line to get that free slice of pizza, or waiting to get your books during the first week of school, the line seems endless. The only way to beat it is to go extra early or go on the hour.

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10. No Matter What, Mac is a Big Supportive Community.

Regardless of the ups and downs of your academic year, there is always someone there to listen and help you, no matter how involved you are in clubs and groups. Mac is one big supportive community who thrives and strives together as one!

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Do you have any other good points for what it’s actually like to be a student at Mcmaster University? Share in the comments below!
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