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5 Fun And Affordable Trips To Go On With Your BFF

5 Fun And Affordable Trips To Go On With Your BFF

There's nothing better than having a best friend to travel with, even when you're both broke. Here are 5 affordable trips with your BFF that you can go on.

There is honestly nothing better than having a best friend you can travel with, not kill each at the end of the trip. Being a student though, there is the small inconvenience of having no money. But even though there is limited money in that bank account, there are still at least 5 trips with your BFF that you can (and should) go on.

The Classic Road Trip and Bed and Breakfast

I have always wanted to do this with my best friend. Taking that long road trip to a little town that no one really knows and staying at a little bed and breakfast that is perfect for the two of you. This is the perfect bonding opportunity for you and your best friend. Put on the pre-made playlist and role down the windows and just drive. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, besides gas and the bed and breakfast. But there are so many websites that you can find inexpensive places. You have your,, and any travel website.


Now I know that it sound pricy and it might be a tiny bit but here’s how I see it. You take the train, and now a days you have tons of deals and coupons where you can save on the train. You get a inexpensive hotel, and it doesn’t have to be fancy but something safe and something chill. And the time you are there you can walk around and you can take pictures and meet people.



Cottage Trip

Okay so one of you must know someone who has a cottage, whether its an aunt or someone , you got to have a family member who hopefully trust you enough to spend. a couple days at the cottage. You can drive up there, and an bring some food, and wine and whatever your drink preface is, and just hang by the lake, soak up the sun.


Surprisingly, a trip to Mexico is not as expensive as you would think. Now a days there are so many package deals, and travel sites that can give you the deal you want with the experience you are looking for. You can go to a resort and get it all inclusive and your flight included, for just over $2000. Yes totally get that its pricy, but if you think about it that would be for about 7 days, all food and drinks included, flight and hotel included and the beach and amazing views.

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Portugal is a beautiful city, a must see place. If you were to visit Porto and Gaia you can get a fully furnished apartment for 3 weeks for $900, That is very good deal, and totally worth it. An absolutely incredible place and great place to hang with your best friend.

What are your favorite trips with your BFF? Share your adventures in the comments below!
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