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Freshman Guide To Living At Carleton University

Freshman Guide To Living At Carleton University

Freshman Guide To Living At Carleton University

Living on campus definitely has its perks, and here is some advice to make your first year at university the most amazing it can be! This is the ultimate freshman guide to living at Carleton University.

1. Befriend your floor mates, pronto.

You are technically forced into living with these people, so why not make the best out of it? Chances are there will be at least a couple of people on your floor that share some similar interests, whether it be binge watching the Bachelor, or exploring your new city together. It’s much easier to live with a bunch of people you can actually hang out with.

2. But make friends in your classes, too.

One mistake I made my first semester of university was not talking to enough people in my classes. It’s really nice to have a few people to escape to when you get tired of the people you live with – trust me. Having someone to sit with in class is also a plus, and you can tag team assignments and exam reviews.

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3. Do frosh!

I met some pretty cool people during my frosh, and a lot of people meet their future best friends on their frosh teams. Everyone is in the same situation, and therefore eager to talk to new people; and frosh is the perfect time for this. You don’t necessarily have to go to every event (I didn’t), but going to a few and stepping out of your comfort zone a bit will be a good start.


4. Try to stick to healthier meals in the caf.

You will feel (and look) much better if you stick to the healthy options. Opt for veggies instead of pizza, and have water with every meal (which is especially hard if you have an unlimited supply of soda, like I did). You are going to need as much energy as you can get living on res, and healthier foods will provide that!

5. Your RAs/RFs are there for a reason. Talk to them.

Your residence fellows (or advisors) are trained (and paid) to talk students through problems, like issues with classes, friends, and being homesick. Make sure you talk to them if you have a problem; they will provide you with some seriously good advice.


6. Personalize your dorm room as much as possible!

Your dorm will be your home for the school year, so decorate it as you like. Simple things, like photos from home, will really make you happy. It’s your space, so design it as you like; I chose a theme for mine, but it can be as mismatched as you like. Also, don’t spend too much money on things for your dorm, especially if you know you will only be using them for the eight months that you are there. Chances are, you will find an apartment with some friends, and I know I sure won’t have another single bed.

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7. Study, study, study.

I know, studying is boring; but it needs to get done. Living in residence is a huge distraction, and often times I would find myself with friends instead of studying if I tried to study in my room. Try to go to the library, or even a coffee shop off campus; it really helps!

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8. Try to get along with your roommate, as much as you can

If you have a roommate, chances are you were matched with some small, irrelevant questionnaire. Always make the best of your roommate situation! You will have a lot more fun if you always have someone to talk to, go to dinner with, and explore your campus and city with.

9. Take chances!

If first year taught me anything, take as many chances as you can. It’s difficult to step out of your comfort zone right from the start, but believe me, it will be worth it. If you try something out and don’t like it, don’t worry, because there are many opportunities out there for you! Join a club, sorority, or make an intramural team, go out with your friends, and have fun!

Have any more tips for freshman living at Carleton University? Comment below!

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