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10 Free Things To Do Around York University

10 Free Things To Do Around York University


Finding something to do for a change can be a very difficult quest considering us being the broke university students we all are. That’s why we’re always on the look for fun, and more importantly, free stuff to do. Fortunately, York U has plenty of options for students who are on a budget but want to do something fun and different. Here’s a list of the top 10 free things to do around York University.

1. Go to events organized by student clubs

With over 300 student clubs and organizations, you’re bound to find your perfect fit. No only are clubs a great way to meet new friends and discuss your interests, they also host hundreds of very interesting events (such as parties, movie screenings and game nights) where almost always free food is offered. You can find the list of organizations on campus here.

2. Canadian Writers in Person Lecture Series

One of the great options for literary nerds and English-major hipsters is the Canadian Writers in Person Lecture Series organized by the Humanities department. Every Tuesday at 7 pm a renowned Canadian author gives a talk about their work at 206 Accolade West. You get the chance to engage with the authors and their works at absolutely no cost to you. You can find the lineup of authors visiting campus this year here.


3. Coffee Break at the Global Cafe

Many international students go to York and thankfully York International offers a bunch academic, financial and social services for them. Global Liaisons (that is international students who work with York International’s office) host a social get-together known as Coffee Break at the Global Cafe, located at 244 York Lanes for all international students. No only is this a great way to meet and bond with other international students but there are always free refreshments and snacks as well as games.

4. Take a shuttle to the Glendon campus for some exploration

While York University has two campuses, students predominantly go to the Keele campus and know very little about the beautiful Glendon campus on Bayview Avenue. York offers a free shuttle service to/from the Glendon Campus so you can get to explore the forgotten campus with all its wonders. The schedule for the shuttle buses is available here.

5. Check out YUM farmers’ market

Every Thursday, the Philip Dahdaleh Building (aka TEL) hosts a farmers’ market with amazing diverse vendors. Whether you’re looking for healthy food choices, natural beauty products, jewelry or something else, YUM Farmer’s Market won’t disappoint.


6. Go to the Gym

One of the great (and free) facilities York has to offer is the Tait McKenzie Centre. All York students have a free Student Basic Membership which entails access to gymnasia, pool and squash courts. It has never been easier to beat the Freshman 15.

7. Attend York Lions games

Speaking of sports, access to all regular season York Lions basketball, football, hockey, track & field and volleyball games is free to YU students who present their ID at admission. Go YU LIONS!


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8. Check out Gales Gallery

For all the artsy folks, the Gales Gallery at Accolade West features exhibitions from YU art students with mind blowing artworks that is entirely free to check out.


9. Attend concerts and plays by Arts students

The talents of YU arts students goes beyond fine arts. They also offer free classical music concerts as well as plays at YU theatres. So whichever kind of art is your cup of tea, you’ll find free quality entertainment.

10. Sign up for a PKIN

PKIN courses are zero credit (in other words, free) Practicum fitness courses available for all YU students. Of course conventional sports such as basketball and tennis are offered but more interesting choices such as Yoga, Pilates, Self-defense and Modern Dance as well.



What are your favorite free things to do around York University? Comment below!
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