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10 Free Things To Do Around The University Of British Columbia

10 Free Things To Do Around The University Of British Columbia

10 Free Things To Do Around The University Of British Columbia

If you’re broke, like most college students are, and looking for free things to do around the University of British Columbia, this article is for you! Here are 10 free things to do that for sure will get you out of bed, will jump start your city adventures, and help you to make new experiences.

1. Paint the Kern.

Do the red jackets and their obnoxious chants really rub you the wrong way? Then this free thing to do is for you. Grab a couple of friends, some paint and let your in Picasso free. Make sure to be stealthy though because if an engineer does catch you they have full right to throw you into the fountain!

2. Revamp your Zen at Nitobe Gardens.

Midterms or finals got you stressed? Feeling an existential crisis coming on, or some relationship trouble? Walk on over to Nitobe Gardens, free to UBC students this garden is carefully constructed with Japanese influence. Each part of the garden is dedicated to a certain aspect of life, with multiple bridges, water falls and a gigantic pond. In the spring, cherry blossoms and colourful blooms fill each corner of this majestic place. You will leave feeling refreshed and filled with clarity



3. Suspended Adventures at the Botanical Gardens.

Free for UBC students the UBC botanical gardens incorporates a long suspension bridge and very scenic trails. In December, lights fill the trees and surround the bridge, making it a scenic destination. In the Summer, start your day off by catching a sun rise while on the suspension bridge.


4. Get Wrecked!

Head down the stairs to the infamous Wreck Beach surrounding the south perimeter of campus. Be aware that wreck beach is a clothing optional beach, so if you can’t handle baring it all for mother nature than head on over to Acadia beach, Jericho Beach or Spanish Banks !

5. Climb to the top.

Your GPA may be falling but you can climb to the top at the Aviary in the Nest. There is a free climbing wall that you can enjoy with your friends or other climbing enthusiasts. Experience is not necessary but Best part is that it is completely free for UBC students!


6. Stop to smell the Rose Garden.

If you want to go on a romantic little walk, or maybe if you need a new location to take some quality insta’s, take a walk over to the UBC Rose Garden. The garden looks over the ocean and is filled with over 5 different types of roses, amongst other flowers. The garden is set up with well crafted trellis’s and archways that have flowers growing all around it. It is a UBC must.



7. Take a free class during Rec Week.

Has the freshman 15 or sophomore 25 got you down? Or maybe you finally want to try zumba? UBC rec week gives you full access to over 15 types of fitness classes ranging from Spin to Krav Maga! Grab a schedule from the SRC and get sweating !

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8. Try Hot Yoga!

Head over to Wesbrook Village to find the Hot Box Yoga! They have free class passes that allow you to try your first class free. With the room heated to 35 degrees and 4 types of yoga offered each day, these classes are sure to get that heart rate going!

9. Find the secret underground tunnels.

Rumor has it that UBC has a series of underground passage ways that were once used back when the university was first created. Grab some friends and see if you can follow the clues to find these tunnels!


10. Get a little Greek.

At the beginning and end of each semester the fraternities at UBC throw themed parties. Most of these parties are free for UBC students as long as you have a valid UBC ID. Classic Toga in September is a UBC must do!


What are your favorite free things to do around the University of British Columbia? Comment below!
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