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Floorcest: The Pros And Cons Of Hooking Up With Floormates

Floorcest: The Pros And Cons Of Hooking Up With Floormates

Here is a relationship guide to help you navigate during college, because we all deserve to have a little fun during the craziness that is college.

Floorcest, the simple definition for hooking up with floormates. If temptation hasn’t already caught you, chances are you’ve already thought about, or are at least considering it. Before diving into what could possibly be the most entertaining yet uncomfortable situation of your university or college life, you may want to keep these little things in mind.


1. You’ll see them… all the time.

There’s nothing like bumping into the one person you really want to see. And believe me, it’s just that easy when they’re living in the same residence building as you are… and even easier when they’re living on your floor. Don’t worry if you don’t catch their eye in class or you miss walking home with them after that club meeting; you’re bound to bump into them sometime before the day is over.

2. Don’t worry about the commute.

There’s nothing easier than making that 20 second walk to the end of the hallway. A snowy Saturday or a wet Monday night, walking over to their room won’t require a car, shovel, or even your trendiest pair of rainboots.




1. You’ll see them… all the time.

So you’ve stopped seeing each other, it ended badly, and the only thing you really want to do is avoid your ex-hookup and move on with the most grace as possible… Too bad they seem to be everywhere you don’t want them to be! Bumping into them on their way out, maybe accidentally locking eyes with them as they’re coming out of their room. Sneaking out will begin to feel habitual.

2. Everyone on your floor will know about it, too.

So you’ve mastered the “looking-over-your-shoulder” and the “fast-walk-past-his-room” techniques, and you think you’re finally free. That is, until, you realize that everyone on your whole floor has heard about the hookup. Why? Not only does news travel fast, but walls are also thin. It definitely makes better gossip than “who took the garbage out last?”.


3. When you break up with them, you’re probably breaking up with their roommates.

There’s something really sad about having to avoid not only your ex-hookup, but also their roommates. No matter how many good times you had with them, how many pizzas were shared, or how many of their inside jokes you eventually become a part of, the reality of it is that they’re living with someone you probably won’t want to see. Hanging out in their room might raise some questions too, especially if you run into your ex-bae. But in other cases, even if you guys vow to keep it civil, at the end of the day they’re probably going to be loyal to their roommate. I mean, they have to LIVE together. There’s different sides of every story, and chances are, they’ve probably only heard one.

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4. Get used to seeing their other hookups.

You can try to put a smile on your face and wave at the guy or girl who’s coming out of the bedroom you used to know so well, but let’s face it: it’s weird. They know it, the person you guys have both hooked up with knows it, and you know it. Just keep walking and hopefully you won’t have to have any awkward discussions about it later on.

At the end of the day, floorcest is a normal part of the university and college experience. And even though the possibility of some real cringe-worthy memories may exist, they certainly do make great stories to retell. So for everyone who is still thinking about floorcest, keep these pros and cons in mind. Are you still thinking about it? Should you do it anyways? I guess it’s ultimately up whether or not you think that guy or girl with the cute smile down the hall is really worth it.

Would you consider hooking up with floormates?
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