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15 Mistakes You’re Allowed To Make Your First Year Of University

15 Mistakes You’re Allowed To Make Your First Year Of University


The first year of post-secondary¬†school is an exciting yet intimidating and nerve-wracking time. After all the stress of finding a career path to pursue, you’re on the road to making that dream become a reality. However, along that road, you’re bound to make a couple of mistakes. Here’s a list of 10 mistakes you’re allowed to make in your first year of¬†university!

1. It’s okay to fail a test or two, but learn from it.

One test in your first year does not define your entire academic career. If anything it makes a memory, and a lesson learned. As long as you try your best to not let it happen again, a slip up here or there is a learning experience towards your ideal study habit and discovering more about yourself.

2. It’s okay to try new things, but don’t let the peer pressure force you to stay with it.

You may find something you really enjoy and incorporate it into your lifestyle. Others not so much, and when that happens don’t feel obligated to pursue it because everyone else is. This especially applies to study habits; not everyone knows their ideal study habit when entering post secondary, and it’s okay. Try some ways out, but if it does not suit you don’t feel forced to adopt that habit.


3. You’re not obligated to do anything; even if that means pursuing a specific plan.

The thing that holds a lot of students back from trying things outside their field is the fact that school is a huge investment of our lives, both timely and financially. Even though it is, it’s good to catch yourself early and make changes now rather than later when it may be too late, so don’t be afraid to take that leap even if it is switching programs, schools, life plans, etc. Just stay motivated, change plans, not the goal.

4. It’s okay to not be friends with every person you meet.

New school, new classes, new campus, new friends. Even though you’ve made a bunch of new friends, you’re not going to click with every-one of them. This time of your life is a very critical stage for your own self-growth and surrounding yourself with people who you know will support you in every way makes the process easier.

5. It’s okay to break promises.

Of course, only with the right intention and priority, and hopefully it will clear up your mind as to what’s really important to you. Also showing you the importance of certain people and those who understand and don’t mind versus those who do mind.


6. It’s okay to have the extra slice of pizza.

Food is just one of the many ways to cope with the stress of the first year. If you’re worried about eating too much, don’t worry. Everyone around you probably understands the situation and will let you continue to eat your stress away.

7. It’s okay to be a mess.

Whether you physically look like a mess or mentally are just lost, there’s nothing you aren’t going through that others wouldn’t understand. Some will come to class in pj’s, others don’t know where their academic plan is going. Regardless, it’s all about learning about yourself and sorting it out.

8. You can only plan so much until things actually happen.

The pressure of finally being in post-secondary is a major load to carry. However you can only plan so much. Overthinking and stressing over it doesn’t guarantee your plan. Things can get in the way, somethings may not go the way you expect, it’s all a matter of learning how to cope and adjust with your plan as it comes.

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9. It’s not really okay but we’ve all done it.

Writting a paper the night before it is due. Although professors stress it more than enough, writing a good paper takes lots of time to research and form a good thesis. Holding off until the last minute will happen to you more than once. Just don’t make it a habit.

10. It’s hard to find moderation.

Whether it’s joining too many clubs or no clubs at all, or over studying (yes, that is a thing) or understudying. You have to find the balance with everything. You don’t want to be stuck biting off more than you can chew. At the same time, you don’t want be so focused on one thing and over doing that one task. Even though school does take a lot of time, don’t forget you have family and friends as your support system that will help you through it all.


Although this list only states ten mistakes you’re allowed to make, I find that many other mistakes and lessons are subjective to the individual, as no one is doing the exact same thing inside and outside of school. Even though this list is a general list, the rest is yours to learn from and explore. It’s your choice to fear it or embrace it and power through your academic career, and the only way out is to go through.

What mistakes have you made your first year of university!? Share in the comments below!

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