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First Dates Are Scary: Tips To Win Them Over

First Dates Are Scary: Tips To Win Them Over

First Dates Are Scary: Tips To Win Them Over

Hey, no one ever said dating was easy. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of easy (sort of like walking through a battlefield whilst lacking the proper gear). Worse still, first dates can be scary and anxiety-inducing like there is no tomorrow (we’ve all been there, and for some of us there is no tomorrow (that was deep, wasn’t it)). Fortunately for your anxiety-ridden ass, I present to you several useful tips to help win them over, offering an opportunity at a second date.

1.  Ask Relevant Questions

This one might seem pretty obvious, but you would be surprised at the types of random questions people tend to throw out. Rather than ask the important questions, individuals who appear nervous seem to, all too often, beat around the bush. And no, I will not tell you which questions you should be asking, that depends on the type of date you find yourself in.

2. Avoid Discussing Politics And Religion

For far too obvious reasons, these are two remarkably touching subjects and the last thing you want to do on first dates is to offend your, for lack of a better word, date. The reason being, when people have strong beliefs/ opinions on a topic, it is far too easy to become judgemental.


3. Do NOT Lie

No matter how boring your life may be, the last thing you want to do is lie about something because, more often than not, it creeps on back to haunt you (and the ones you love). And, frankly, no one in their right mind wants to commence a relationship with lies. Otherwise, you’re simply setting yourself up for disaster.

4. Never Put Yourself Down

Being humble can be considered to many as appealing. Low self-esteem, on the other hand, is definitely not, especially when on first dates. Specifically, there is absolutely zero need to parade around announcing your flaws, particularly when said flaws are about how awful you are at dating (facepalm for days).

5. Avoid Being Stingy

When it comes to first dates, I seriously don’t think there is anything that is more of a turn-off than being stingy. Realistically, if you’re on a low budget, the best advice is to completely organize the date yourself so that you can know what to expect and efficiently manage your expenses. In other words, if she wants to order a dessert, you damn well let her!


6. Handle Your Liquor (Buckets Not Included)

So, your date seems to be running smoothly until, next thing you know, you’re sprinting to the washroom with your hand over your mouth just waiting for the inevitable. Please, don’t be that guy or gal who makes a mockery of themselves by way of excessive drinking. If nothing else, your date will assume that you have problems with alcohol and will foresee an unstable future.

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7. Provide A Modest Yet Charming Compliment

I believe this one to be rather self-explanatory but, just in case it isn’t, offer a sensible and polite compliment, if needed. That is to say, comment on their lovely smile or ravishing eyes rather than, say, their breasts (the fact that I even have to go into this gives me the urge to facepalm because it occurs far too often). Don’t be that douche.


8. Be A True Gentleman/Lady

Put simply, don’t go burping your guts out after every bite and, if done accidentally, for the love of all things unholy, excuse yourself! Don’t make them feel like they are at the Kentucky Derby rather than out on the town with a charming individual.

Likewise, hold open their car door, pull out their seat when you arrive at the restaurant, respect your waiter (if you can’t respect your waiter then you can’t really respect anyone, can you?) and, most vital, put your darn phone on silent and forget about its existence for the entire remainder of the night.

Again, no one said first dates are easy, but if you follow these simple suggestions, you’ll more than likely have a second opportunity in no time. That said, do you yourself have any tips for first dates?

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