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10 Festival Outfit Ideas You’ll Totally Rock At Ultra Music Festival

Hello Miami! Ultra music festival if you do not know is an outdoor music festival that takes place in Miami, Florida. Similar to Electric Daisey Carnival for all you EDM loving ladies.

1. Cutout Bodysuit

The rainbow on acid is the vibe that is aggressively present at these festivals. A one piece and a bunch of accessories are perfect.

All black can be a little annoying I suggest a tie-dye effect. And obviously some awesome fishnets.

2. Cute and Easy

This is essential to any festival wardrobe as the peises are universal and it can be worn tone down. And if you want to show less skin, this is the outfit for you.

A white skirt is cute and easy in the heat of Miami. Red and white is a cut combo, but any crop top works.

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3. Black Boho

Boho for a festival even an EDM festival. A wrap top with bell sleeves accompanied by a western belt and a fringe mini skirt overlay screams indie. Because of the length of the clothes and it is all black but still definitely festival appropriate.

Add a wide-brimmed hat and a fringe bag for that extra effect. Also never forget the sparkles. 

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4. Red Babe

Everyone loves a pop of red. This set is a great way to boost your confidence, and because it is such a bold color, it isn’t hard to make a set of your own. This makes it a great festival outfit idea.

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5. Alien Magic

Who doesn’t want to be an alien? This dress is simple but makes a statement. Is it really a festival outfit if there isn’t something holographic on your body.

Paired with simple accessories and fun hair it really it a look. Add converse for a merely classic touch.

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6. Sticker love

Dressing like your favorite characters and really getting into the festival outfit is part of the festival. This top is super fun and doesn’t really need anything to add to it. Pair with a simple pair of yoga shorts, but you will still look like you tried really hard.

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7. Shine bright

Sparkles really are a girl’s best friend. This outfit really brings the star out of all of us. It is instantly a show stopper and super easy to find as most items like this are sold in sets.

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8. Grunge

Grunge is iconic. A trend that started long ago it has evolved and is also super easy to DIY. If you already have a distressed band tee, then you are done.

Grab a pair of red or black fishnets and booty shorts. I recommend going thrifting in the men’s section or a vintage store.

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9. Can’t See

The see-through shirt trend has evolved and now see through clothing is a must. Even pants are in the see-through game. A dress as an overlay to a generic outfit amps it up and makes it a festival outfit. And of course, don’t forget a fanny pack!

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10. Full Fabulous

A girly dress that flows in the wind and makes you feel like a badass is ideal. That dress that makes you feel like the hottest person there. It is breezy and basic. But if you want sparkles still get sparkles. I would suggest something a little-toned down that you will wear again.

Copy this look:

These were our 10 festival outfits that are sure to keep you cool and look great! What are your favorite outfits? Comment down below!
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Olivia Burwell

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