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10 Feelings Every Soon-To-Be Freshman Knows All Too Well

10 Feelings Every Soon-To-Be Freshman Knows All Too Well


Are you a soon-to-be freshman? Going into post-secondary education is super exciting – you’re about to pursue a subject that actually interests you, and get a brand new start. You’ll be able to have a new reputation, make new friends, reinvent yourself completely and explore a field of study that can lead you to a lifelong career. Putting aside all of the optimistic daydreaming, going to a new school can also be completely terrifying – moving out of your parent’s house, paying for textbooks and tuition, keeping s scholarship, finding new friends – it’s all a part of the first-year experience. It can be overwhelming, but we’ve all been there. Here are ten feelings every soon-to-be freshman has experienced, and knows all too well.

1. That feeling of total university pride when you get your first school sweater

That sweater/scarf/pair of track pants made you feel like hot stuff. You were no longer a confused high schooler, you were an adult with a path in life. And a scarf you wore in warmer weather because “It’s still a little windy.”


2. …. And wearing it an unhealthy length of time before washing it or looking for other outfits.

Let’s be honest, university sweaters are expensive, so they are also super comfy. And putting it in the laundry might make the colour fade, right?



3. Walking around campus like it’s an alien landing site.

So many people, and events and clubs! So many classrooms and ACTUAL restaurants on campus instead of questionable cafeteria food! Teachers you can refer to often by first name! Sure, seeing someone on a skateboard in the hallway is weird, or not being told to take off your hat indoors for the first time. New people that don’t know about your Harry Potter fan theories yet! The world becomes your oyster, even if it’s scary and overwhelming.

4. And frantically trying to find where your classes will be during a school tour.

Taking a school tour was always fascinating and a little overwhelming. There were so many rooms, cool tech, and you thought you could remember how to get from the Starbucks to room 103. Unfortunately, you’ll probably still get lost a few times before you get the hang of it. But you’ll find all of your classes, I promise.


5. Seeing that one other freshman you recognize from your school.

You may not have known them before, but does this mean your friends? Can you exchange notes? Will your high school reputation follow you to post-secondary?

6. And spotting potential bf/gf material.

You know what I mean.




7. Looking through all of the clubs, sports, and events during froshe week and signing up for EVERYTHING.

Being in a new town, at a new school can be a great time to reinvent yourself, and find new activities you may come to love, or meet new people. Just don’t burn yourself out joining every club – pick one or two you really want to be a part of and give those your full effort.

8. The stress of leaving your best friends and family.

When I first moved out, I missed my family like crazy, and I still do. It’s totally normal to start missing them as a soon-to-be freshman. Even if I don’t see my high school friends as often, the great thing is that I know they’re still here for me, I just have to call them. Admittedly, the worst part was leaving my cats and dog. A home can feel a little empty without someone that’s excited to see you, or cuddle up with you when get a chance to sit down.


9. Being a little fish in a very, very big pond.

It is totally overwhelming to be in a new city, where teachers may never even remember your name. Suddenly you’re just another student in a lecture of a hundred people, and that can be scary. But trust me, you’re going to make friends, and you may not ever know everyone in your lecture, but you’ll always be important to someone.

10. Not to mention the new appreciation you have for groceries, and clean laundry, and anything your parents can help with before you move away from home.

Moms and dads, we appreciate you more than we ever have.  Especially coming home for the first time.

How did you feel as a soon-to-be freshman? Can you relate to the struggle of being a first year student? Share your experiences in the comments section below!
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