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8 Famous Locations To Visit In Downtown Toronto

8 Famous Locations To Visit In Downtown Toronto

Spending a day in downtown Toronto? These are the places I would recommend for anyone who likes adventure and lots of fun times you will remember forever!

Are you new to Toronto and want to know the most tourist places or attractions? Perhaps maybe you have lived here your whole life, but did not go to see these beautiful places? These are the places in downtown Toronto I would recommend for anyone who likes adventure and lots of fun times that you will remember forever!

1. Is it your dream to see a real-life castle?

A massive Castle that has 4 floors and a magical garden, which will make you dream of owning a home like this one. Also known as Casa Loma, the castle is full of stories of different owners and once in a life-time history. A history that has began with a man named Sir Henry Pellatt and his passion for the military, however it is currently owned by the City of Toronto for touristic purposes. The tickets for adults is $25(CAD)  including taxes, for seniors and youth it is $20 (CAD) including taxes and Children are $13 (CAD) including taxes.


2. Toronto Islands

A bunch of islands in one space, that provide a spectacular views! The islands carry a few interesting places such as the Billy Bishop Toronto City, where smaller sized airplanes that are going to a different place, locally, Hanlan’s Beach, where you can get a quite get-away and consist of several boats and yachts. The only way to get to the ferry is to swim through to the islands. Just kidding! There are regular ferry rides from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and/or water taxi’s that is available for adventurous group of people.


3. Sharks, fishes and Jellyfish

Ever wanted to see a shark closer than a few meters away? Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada should be next on your list! Also, the most popular area within the Aquarium would be around the jelly fish area. With lots of other sea animals, there is a ton to do! For children, there is a small playground where they can have a great time. You could also touch a few different sea animals, depending which ones are available on the time/day you come.  For more adventures individuals, you can even get inside the water, and swim with some mammals, and more! The prices varies based on which time you want to go and depends on where you purchase the tickets (online or at the door). Visit the website for details.


4. Want the thrill of a lifetime?

Want to live by the edge or stand on top of the world? CN tower is one of the most popular destinations in Toronto, and provide a variety of services. You can get a general admission and go to the top of the tower and walk around the tower, inside, which is called the Look Out and experience the GlassFloor. Or if you are more of a risk taker, you can get the Edge Walk package, and go to the top of the tower, and walk the tower OUTSIDE of the building! There is also a popular restaurant named 360, where it actually moves around in a full circle every 72 minutes. Please note that the 360 restaurant and the Edge Walk provide a free entrance towards the general CN tower area ( Look Out and GlassFloor).



5. Love art?

Visit The Art Gallery of  Ontario and see the different exhibitions (depends on when you go), some include: Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters and Rita Letendre: Fire & Light. The gallery is open late on Wednesday and it is free from 6PM-9PM! Be aware, they are closed on Mondays and usually work 5;5:30 pm every day (except Monday, Wednesday). The prices are different depending on age, please visit the site for your convenience.

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6. Do you like Markets?

You have to visit The St. Lawrence Market Complex. There are three main building called The South Market, which deals with food such as dairy, meat vegetables, etc, the North Market that consists of seasonal produce and St. Lawrence Hall is used for personal or business events. Payment depends on the vender, so make sure you have cash on you. The St. Lawrence market is closed on Mondays and Sundays, and is open till either 5pm, 6pm or 7pm, depending on the day.


7. Movie in Downtown? Check!

Visit the Scotia Theatre of Toronto to watch your movies. This theatre has different kinds of movies you could watch that ranges from regular screening to D-BOX UltraAVX 3D! Prices varies on the type of screening and age. Please visit the site to find out! There are also different events within the Theatre, such as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (National Theatre Live), Family Favourites – Heidi and much more!



8. Want to be entertained?

Visit The Distillery Historic District! It is a small neighborhood that is full of history and culture that are right in front of your eyes.There is a variety of activities to do there such as are galleries, restaurants, brewery, etc. If you are a shopaholic, you would love this area, there are 80 shops and boutiques. Visit the website for more information!

Have any other favorite spots in downtown Toronto? Let us know in the comments below!
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