10 Exercises That Will Help You Tone Your Arms

Wanting to tone our arms is sometimes the main concern for those who are trying to start an exercise routine, and arms can be hard to tone and build muscle if you don’t have a rigorous gym routine. However, for most of us, we just want to tone our muscles and make our arms tighter without building too much muscle. So, this is where a moderate amount of resistance training can help achieve this goal. Resistance training can improve your strength and help you get lean and toned. The 10 exercises that will help you tone your arms include using your own body weight or,  add dumbbells or kettlebells.


Push-ups are the most basic and effective workout to tone your arms, not only is it a great arm sculpting workout but it’s also effective for building your back muscles and stronger abs. Keep in mind that in order to reap the results it is important to have your body in the right position, that is your body needs to be straight and long with your hands should length apart and maintaining a slow movement will help sculpt your arms.

Dumbbell side raise

Dumbbell side raise (or lateral raise) is beneficial in increasing shoulder mobility and allows you to exercise the small muscle groups in your arms that you don’t usually touch upon with bicep curls.  If you position your body correctly throughout the lift, this exercise also benefits your core muscles. This is a great workout to be combined with bicep and tricep curls to get that full arm workout.

Overhead press

Overhead presses work the muscles in your shoulders, arms, upper back and core muscles. It is highly effective in toning your arm muscles as well as balancing out the shoulder muscles after a long day working in front of the computer.

Tricep extensions

This exercise works the triceps, shoulders, upper back and the weight you hold should not be too heavy if you are simply looking to tone your arms, and for muscle building, you can opt for heavier weights once you are comfortable doing this workout. Make sure to keep your upper arms close to your head and elbows pointing toward the ceiling when doing the tricep extensions so you work the right muscle groups.

Dumbbell kickbacks

Dumbbell kickbacks are one of the best movements to help tone your arms, especially when you want to get rid of those stubborn bat-wings. Simply extend your arms behind you and squeeze your triceps muscle for a moment before returning to the starting position. This workout is also beneficial in strengthening your shoulder blade area.

Bicep curls

Bicep curls focus on working your biceps and forearms and this workout is particularly important when you aim to tone your arms as these muscle groups are highly visible, so sculpting your biceps will have a significant impact on how your arms look. Make sure you lower the dumbbells down to your hips and curl up to your shoulder line when doing each repetition.

Arm Swings

This exercise is a great full body workout and elongates your arm muscles to create that lean and toned arm. By holding weights in your hand, whether it is dumbbells or kettlebells, it allows you to fully engage your arm muscles when attempting the swinging motion, this work out is great for toning both your biceps and triceps in one movement.

See Also

High planks

This is a more advanced plank position where your core, shoulders, and arms are being worked. Start in the high plank position, which is on your hands instead of your forearm, and make sure your hands are directly beneath the shoulders. This engages every muscle group in your arms for that tightening effect.


Commandos can be seen as the advanced version of a plank, where you begin in a plank position on your forearms but push yourself up one side at a time. This movement allows you to strengthen your arm muscles as well as tightening your back and core muscles for a complete body workout. The pushing movement uses your body weight to sculpt and tone your arms without needing to use any types of equipment.

Weighted punch

A weighted punch allows you to work your entire body, getting your heart rate up and burning the fat cells as well as toning your arm muscles. Maintaining a sturdy stance is crucial in avoiding jerking your body and this will allow you to tighten your core muscles and focus on your arm muscles as they punch in and out.

Combine these 10 exercises and start working out! What do you think are the best arm exercises to help sculpt and tone your arms?

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