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15 Exercises You Can Do In A Small Dorm Room

Working out is hard when you’re in college. Sometimes you just don’t feel like going to the gym. So, here are 15 exercises you can do in a small dorm room.

1. T-Pushups

This exercise is a great variation to the traditional Pushup Get into a plank stance, bend your elbows to a 90 degree as if doing a regular pushup and then press away from the ground. At the top of the pushup twist your body to one side and extend your arm straight above you. This exercise works both your arms and core!

2. Back Bows

This exercise works your upper and lower back! Lie down flat on your stomach and extend your arms above your head. Using your glutes and back, lift your legs and arms above you, squeeze your gluten and release. Another variation would be to do alternate arms and legs, have fun with it.

3. Body Weight Squats

This is one of the best exercises for your entire body, but in particular your gluten Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, bend your knees to a 90 degree angle or lower if you can while keeping your knees vertical to your toes and then stand back up. Repeat. A great variation of this exercise to add cardio into your workout is to do jump squats! perform the exercise in the same manor, however this time jump at the top of the squat and land back in a 90 degree angle.

4. Calf Raises

Calfs are a muscle that a lot of people seem to neglect, however they are important for having an overall toned leg look. Stand flat on your feet, feel free to hold onto something for support, then extend onto your toes and lower, for a better burn hold at the top of the exercise until you feel the burn. A variation would be to do this on a stair and instead of releasing flat onto your feet, decline your heel slightly for the stairs for a bigger extension. Also try doing single calf raises, or use a weight.

5. Butt Kicks/High Knees For Some Cardio

use these two exercises in alternating times. Butt kicks – stand up straight and run on the spot making sure the heel of your foot slightly touches your butt with every stride. High knees – stand up straight and run on the spot, however this time instead of extending your legs back, bring your knees up with every stride as high as you can.


6. Mountain Climbers

This exercise works the majority the major muscles in your body Start in a plank position, drive one knee at a time into your core, making sure not to lift your bum too high. Do this as fast or as slow as you choose, either way is great. For a great variation, twist your knee into the alternating side with each stride, this works your obliques as well as your abdomen.

7. Wall Sit

This exercise burns your gluten and hamstrings! stand with your back flat against the wall, lower into a 90 degree angle and hold the position as long as you can, make sure to keep your back flat against the wall, don’t hold onto anything!

8. Single Leg Deadlift

this exercise works your gluts, your core and is a great test of balance standing with both feet flat on the ground, slowly extend one leg behind you at a time, make sure not to hold onto anything. Extend as far as you can and then bring your leg back into the original position. To make this excursus more difficult, use a weight or a resistance band.

9. V Sit

this is one of the most difficult ab exercises, you are sure to feel the burn lying flat on your back, extend your arms above your head and then snap your arms and legs together into a V shape, making sure to keep your legs and arms as straight as possible and pointing your toes, upon release don’t let your arms or legs rest on the ground before performing another rep, this makes it more difficult.

10. Leg Raises

Lying flat on your back, extend your legs straight in front of you , creating a 90 degree angle, slowly lower your legs until they almost tough the ground, keeping your legs straight and toes pointed. dont let your legs touch the ground, slowly pull your legs back up to a 90 degree angle.

11. Glute Bridges

lying down flat on your back, bring your legs to a bend at shoulder width apart. squeezing your gluten, drive your hips upward and squeeze your cheeks at the top of the exercise and then release.

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12. Arm Circle

this exercise may have seemed pointless as a child, however it is actually very beneficial in toning your arms and shoulders. Standing straight and keeping your core tight and back straight, extend your arms straight out on either side and slowly move them in a circular motion at different variations of size and speed.

13. Plank

This exercise could either be done from your hands or your elbows, the lower you are to the ground the harder it is! make sure your butt is not in the air and tour body is in full alignment. Hold for as long as you can. For a variation alternate between elbows and hands. another variation could be side planks, in this case hold your body straight on one side, balancing on one hand/elbow and stacking your feet one on top of the other.

14. Alternating Donkey Kicks

starting on your hands and knees, extend your leg as far as you can behind you while extending the alternating the opposing arm in front of you. For a better burn, hold your top position for a few seconds before releasing, or pulse at the top.

15. Burpees

This exercise is good for full body and cardio! Start in a regular standing position, jump up and land in a squat position, then get into a plank position, perform one push up and drive your knees toward your hands and stand up! That’s one rep!

Alternate these exercises into different circuits with different variations to keep it fun and interesting!

Have you tried any of these exercises you can do in a small dorm room? Comment below!
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