Everything You Need For A DIY Spa Night

We have all had those weeks that feel like an overload of due dates, tests and appointments that leave no time for you. With the business of our lives, it can often feel like pampering oneself goes to the bottom of the priority list. Anyone who has ever gone to a spa or had a spa night at home will tell you that it is the ultimate way to rejuvenate and slip in to the ultimate state of relaxation. If you can find the time, here is a collective list of everything you need for a DIY spa night.


1. Your Coziest Outfit

In order to truly indulge in the art of relaxation, shed your adult clothes from the day and slip in to something more comfortable (literally). Find your favourite outfit to hang out in, something that not only makes you feel good but that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. By doing this you are giving your mind one less thing to think about; how you look or how your pants are digging in to all the wrong places, and gets you one step closer to letting go of the stresses of your busy life, even if just for the night.

Try these cute PJ’s:

2. Something to Sip On

I don’t know about you, but I love sitting down with something to drink when I am relaxing. Whether you fancy your self a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or tea or something more cleansing like detox water, having something to sip on will definitely enhance the spa experience.

3. Something to Snack On

I highly recommend not skipping this step! You are obviously going to want to pair your ‘something to sip on’ with a ‘something to snack on.’ Challenge yourself to make delicious and healthy snacks that you might order at a spa or your favourite healthy cafe, you will probably do a better job anyway.

4. Good Smells

Fill the air with scents that make your nose happy. Light a candle or diffuse some essential oils, it will transform the room into a tranquil spa.

Try these candles:

5. A Face Mask

Now it’s time to get in to the treatments, the real pampering. A face mask is definitely the perfect way to make yourself feel refreshed. Whether you have problem skin, dry skin, combination or oily, there are lots of amazing masks out there that will make you glow. If you really want to indulge in the DIY, then find a recipe online and make your own mask, it’s easier than you think!

6. A Hair Mask

Another great way to get your glow on is by doing a hair mask. Especially in the winter, hair can become dry and damaged. A hair mask will make your hair look flawless, feel moisturized and repair damage. You can buy a hair mask or like the face mask, go DIY and make it yourself!

7. A Fun Bath Bomb

If you are lucky enough to have a bathtub then a good soak and a bath bomb are the perfect combo. Throw on your face and hair mask, grab your snacks and drink and enjoy a well deserved bubble bath.

See Also

Try this bath bomb:

8. Body Scrub

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! If you want to have the softest skin then try a body scrub while you are in the bath. Keeping in tune with the theme, there are many simple recipes online to make a body scrub with your own ingredients.

9. A Lucious Moisturizer

Now that you have eliminated all that dry, winter, lizard skin, it is time to really amp up your moisture. Using a good moisturizer after exfoliating will bring your skin from an unwatered cactus in the middle of a drought in the desert to the inside of a coconut in the middle of the rainiest rainforest on the moisture scale. Trust me, do it!

10. Your Favourite Way to Relax

Whether you feel most relaxed reading a good book or watching your favourite show or just listening to your favourite playlist, the best way to truly feel relaxed is to do something that really puts your mind at ease. Doing an at home spa means that you’re looking to give yourself time to unwind and treat yourself. Take this time to do what you love most, time to do things that you are always telling yourself you will do later.

Do you have any other ideas for a DIY spa night? Share in the comments below!

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