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10 Easy Summer Recipes You Can Take To Any Family BBQ

10 Easy Summer Recipes You Can Take To Any Family BBQ

Looking for some easy summer recipes that’ll impress any family, even one with the harshest of critics? This list is for you! Not only are these recipes pretty simple (you definitely don’t need to be a super chef to pull these off), but they use the flavours of summer in the best way! Buying fresh produce in the summer time is really the key to any summer recipe – get the freshest ingredients to make the tastiest meal. These easy summer recipes are sure to impress! Take them to any family barbecue, picnic, get-together, hang out – whatever! These easy summer recipes are perfect for any occasion!

1. Potato Salad With Mustard and Watercress

I know, I know. Potato salad is often kind of, well, crap. But THIS potato salad is on another level. It’s an easy summer recipe that works at any barbecue! Cook your potatoes, and then let them dry while you make your dressing. Mix creamy dijon mustard, grainy mustard, apple cider vinegar, pickles and and pickle juice together, and pour it onto your potatoes. Add some watercress and you’ve got a new summer favourite!

10 Easy Summer Recipes You Can Take To Any Family BBQ

2. Heirloom Tomato Salad With Blue Cheese

This easy summer recipe sows off some of the best produce of the summer – tomatoes, and specifically heirloom tomatoes. Make a little blue cheese, roquefort, mayo and cream dressing, then top some heirloom tomato steaks with it and you have an easy and simple summer barbecue recipe!

3. Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread

This is such an easy summer recipe, and perfect accoutrement to any summer get-together. Make a simple cornbread, but add in some cheddar and jalapeño and you’ve got the perfect summer side dish. Bring some jalapeño summer cornbread to any summer event and it’s a delicious and easy savoury treat.

4. Cherry Tomato Panzanella

Panzanella is a perfect summer salad, where the main component of the dish isn’t lettuce – it’s bread! Get a ciabatta loaf, dry it out, and mix it with some of the beauties of summer produce: cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes, anchovies, capers, basil, olive oil with a lil salt and pepper and you’ve got an easy summer recipe that masters all the flavours of summer.

10 Easy Summer Recipes You Can Take To Any Family BBQ

5. Guacamole

COME ON! Guacamole tastes like summer, and its just about the easiest crowd-pleasing dish – not even just for summer! Fresh avocados, lime juice, onion, tomato, cilantro and a dash of salt n’ pepper is all you need for this easy summer recipe. Take this recipe anywhere and you’ve got an immediate crowd-pleasing delight.

6. Ceviche

Ceviche is a delicious and easy summer recipe served chilled; the perfect refreshing dish. The focal point of the dish is a nice white fish, like sea bass, that you need to marinate for a bit before assembling. You can add in just about anything you like to this easy summer recipe – may I suggest red onion and avocado?

7. Sour Cherry Pie

Why not bring a lovely summer dessert to a summer barbecue? Cherries are some of the best produce of the summer season, and by making them in a sour filling for your pie, you can truly show that off. Pie with a sour cherry filling, topped with some vanilla ice cream is the perfect easy summer recipe!

10 Easy Summer Recipes You Can Take To Any Family BBQ

8. Summer Fruit Sangria

Make summer easy and delicious summer sangria to brighten just about any summer barbecue goers day! You can make your sangria with red or white wine, and just about any fruit you want, to personalize this easy summer recipe.

9. Spicy Kimchi Cole Slaw

Cole slaw is, of course, a classic summer barbecue recipe. But adding in some spicy kimchi will I’ve your cole slaw that extra kick. Add kimchi to your basic cole slaw recipe (a cabbage base probably) and this is a fun pop of something new onto a classic summer recipe!

10 Easy Summer Recipes You Can Take To Any Family BBQ

10. Grilled Corn And Chile Salad

Grilled corn with some jalapenos, green onion and lime juice? Talk about an easy summer recipe! Such a light yet flavourful dish that will complement any summer barbecue!

10 Easy Summer Recipes You Can Take To Any Family BBQ

Which of these easy summer recipes are you going to take to your next family barbecue? Tell us in the comments below!

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