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10 Easy Courses At The University Of Waterloo

10 Easy Courses At The University Of Waterloo

You may be surprised, but there are actually plenty of easy courses at The University of Waterloo. Whether you need a GPA booster, or you’re just looking for a laid back, fun course to take, these are the courses you should consider!

1. ECON 101

Usually rated as one of the easiest courses since it just requires basic common sense. However you have to make sure you get caught up with all your readings, and make sure you don’t miss any lectures.

2. CLAS 104

This course explores Greco-Roman mythology, and usually the stories are fun, and interesting. The quizzes are usually easy as long as you dedicate some time to memorize the material.



3. GEOG 206

This course is about natural disasters, and hazards it involves a ‘bit of reading, but it’s pretty easy, and all the tests are fair.

4. HIST 105

This course covers Rock ‘n’ Roll History, it begins with the Blues, and ends with 60s music. It’s fairly easy to get a good grade, and the classes are interesting if you’re into the music.


5. CLAS 100

As an intro to Greek, and Roman Civilization this course is pretty easy, and it focuses on topics such as history, myth, art, and religion.

6. MUSIC 140

This course about popular music, and culture is really easy. Its midterm, and final exam are fair, and simple. As long as you’re somewhat interested in it then it should be fairly easy.


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7. HRM 200

This course is about basic human resource management, now it may not be overly interesting, but it’s super easy to do well even with cramming. This course involves minimal effort.

8. FR 151

This is a basic French course that only requires Grade Ten French experience. This course is super easy for almost everyone, and it only emphasizes basic comprehension, grammar and speaking skills.


9. REC 100

An intro to Rec and Leisure studies course that covers easy, common sense, and intuitive content.

10. SPCOM 100

This course covers theory and practice of public speaking. This is a pretty easy workshop course if you don’t have a hard time memorizing speeches or have awful stage fright…

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