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10 Easy Courses At Ryerson University

Whether you’re looking for some easy courses to lighten your workload or to boost your GPA, this list is for you. From astronomy, to politics in film, there are so many fun and easy courses to take at Ryerson. Keep reading for the top 10 easy courses at Ryerson University!

Lower Liberals:

1. Language Courses

Whether or not you speak a different language, these courses are the easiest. They require a proficiency test before you start the course to see how much prior knowledge you have of said language, which will determine what section you are put in to (easy, medium, or hard).

Here’s a tip: if you are fluent in the language, don’t try hard on the proficiency test- basically act like you don’t know that language- so that you are put in the easiest class.

2. Astronomy Courses

Not only are these electives easy, but they are also pretty cool. You can learn about the Milky Way Galaxy (PCS182) or just a general introduction to astronomy (PCS181).


3. ECN340- Economics of Human Behaviour

This is not your typical economics course. This course investigates human behaviour from an economic perspective. Some topics include the economics of marriage and divorce, the afterlife, mass hysteria, and many more.

4. GEO110- The Physical Environment

If you passed your grade nine geography course you should be fine for this one. It is known that geography courses at Ryerson are generally the easiest. This course develops an understanding of how natural balances originate. It also includes topics such as weather systems, erosion, and water budgets.

5. POL128- Politics and Film

Who doesn’t love movies? This course allows students to reflect on political perspectives which enable students to critically assess films. And I’d have to say, if this course is not held in the DSQ Cineplex theatres then that is a huge miss on bringing irony into the course.

Upper Liberals:

6. ECN503- Economic Development

This economic course is actually one of the easiest upper liberals due to the fact that it is general knowledge. It describes challenges faced by developing economies, with a strong focus on world poverty. Students who have taken any global management courses in their lower years will be well prepared for this one, however, it is also completely fine if you have no prior knowledge in this subject.


See Also

7. ECN722- The Economics of Sports

This is a call to all the athletes out there! This course is made fun by including the world of athletics. It examines the economics of professional and collegiate sports. Topics include drafts and paying of collegiate athletes, ‘scalping’, and free agency.

8. CMN601- Visual Communications- A Critical Approach

If you are a visual learner or if you had to take any previous communications courses this one is for you. This course- although it says it’s challenging, it’s not- explores how visual images persuade us to act and think in certain ways. You will learn visual language and how visual images manipulate and become manipulated by a culture.

9. SOC808- Sociology of Food and Eating

Who doesn’t love food and/or eating? Nobody that I know. This course reviews how the food system is organized and how it affects people’s food choices, as well as the causes of problems in food systems, such as hunger and obesity.

10. GEO793- The Geography of Toronto

Now ending off with another geography course. Who wouldn’t love learning about the geography of the city that they go to school in? And the best part- it’s easy! This course examines important aspects of Toronto’s development from both inter-urban and intra-urban perspectives.

Hopefully this list of easy courses at Ryerson University will allow you to relax and boost your GPA. Best wishes in school!

What are some other easy courses at Ryerson University that you loved? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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