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4 Easy College Classes You Could Not Possibly Fail

4 Easy College Classes You Could Not Possibly Fail

These easy college classes are going to be perfect for any student looking to breeze through their semester. Here are some of the easiest classes!

A college is a wonderful place where you can meet with interesting and like-minded, people, find a major that suits your needs as well struggle to memorize a class you hate. But sometimes you just want the simple stuff and here we have four easy college classes that you could not possibly fail that you could take for a relatively uneventful semester of easy grades.

1. Philosophy

While the practice of philosophy can be an interesting exercise in developing your reasoning abilities, critical thinking, and cause an existential crisis, it can quickly turn into a navel-gazing contest or a collection of flat statements quite quickly in a boring classroom. So most easy college classes will ask you to think and talk about various ideologies and get fruitful and lengthy group discussions going for a few hours which can be an entertaining thing to have in a nice group.

This makes it the perfect candidate for a college class you could not possibly fail. What’s that? Do you like the part where you crack open books but don’t want to talk about various schools of thought created throughout history and maybe even the obscure meaning of human existence? Well, you can always take another route that fits your specific preferences…


2. Literature

Books are always a fun thing to read and laboriously dissect on your own time and these classes are no different. You’ll be analyzing the stories of various well-known or obscure authors and trying to explain what their personal beliefs are all about or the central themes of the book. With that mind, it’s an incredibly difficult class to mess up in this college class. The one thing that might trip some people up would probably be the symbolic analysis of the book itself but that’s a completely different can of worms that most college classes would avoid.

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3. Sociology

Sociology is the study of social interactions in everyday life as well as their mundane impact on human society. That’s it. Unless you’ve been living under a grimy rock or you’ve never interacted with other human beings before, you’re not going to fail this easy college class that you could not possibly fail. Unless, for some ungodly reason, you’re bizarrely trying to do so. If that is the case, how about a class where you don’t even need to learn any arcane subjects and focus on a series of dates?


4. History

Whether it’s visually stimulating art history or just general history of the world, this is an incredibly easy college class you could not possibly fail as it represents everything that people hate about most education courses: it’s all a series of memorization games for a good grade. All one has to do is simply know the important names and the specific dates and just write down the facts on a piece of paper during the cavalcade of exam later down the line. There’s rarely an attempt to stray outside of this paradigm and most projects they might give you in such classes will probably have similar overarching instructions. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, a good way to keep up those grades is to go for the easy stuff in order to maintain a good percentile with these easy college classes you could not possibly fail!

With all these easy college classes you could not possibly fail in mind, try to at least take a few classes you actually like. If there’s one thing that makes most people retch uncontrollably, it’s doing something you absolutely hate for long periods of time.

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