10 Easy And Interesting Courses At Ryerson University

Students are very efficient. We are able to finish our school work, using the least amount of work required, whilst finishing with a high mark. One way of doing this is by taking the easiest course you can find. Here are the 10 easiest and most interesting courses you can take at Ryerson University!

1. ENG-112 Pop Lit

If you hate reading old classic novels, then take Pop Lit. It involves reading only a few small novels which include Marvel Comics, love poems, and horror stories.

2. POL-128 Politics and Film

Remember walking into class as a kid and seeing the tv and instantly knowing it was going to be a good day? Every lecture for this course will give you that feeling. As long as you don’t mind sitting through films based around politics. This course is the perfect break from all your other class required readings.

3. GEO-110 The Physical Environment

In this course, you will learn about the weather, water, erosion, and stability in natural systems. It’s an easy course to learn about the Earth.

4. PHL-214 Critical Thinking

If you have common sense, you can do well in this class. It’s based on teaching you how to make strong arguments and how to be logical.

5. PCS-181 Intro to Astronomy

If you’re not a science student, don’t worry. This course is an introduction and was made for those who don’t have a science background, but want to learn some cool things about our solar system.

6. FRE-101 Introductory French I

Say “Bonjour!” to your new favourite class! This course covers the very basics of French and is pretty much the same as high school french. As long as you didn’t take graded 12 french, you can take this course.

7. SOC-808 Sociology of Food and Eating

Warning: this class may make you hungry. As a student, you are very familiar with food. Now you can learn how eating is based on social, historical, and economical processes. Who doesn’t love talking about FOOD!

8. PSY-621 Psychology of Human Sexuality

Although it may seem like an odd course to take, it’s a great upper elective if you’re interested in sexuality or want to take an easy course. You will learn about gender roles, intimacy and communication, relationships, and STDs and HIV.

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9. GEO-820 The Outer Landscape of Culture

Learn about how different cultures express themselves through landscapes. You will focus on culture change and it’s nature and importance globally.

10. CHY-599 The Business of Chemistry and Biology

This is not a science course where you will be expected to be in a lab or anything. This course looks at the business behind biological and chemical products and how they impact the economy and society.

Remember, just because these courses are deemed easy doesn’t mean you can skip the exam. But turn up to class when you have to and these courses will give your GPA the boost it needs. Because who doesn’t like the easiest way to a 4.0 GPA?!

What has been your favorite easy course at Ryerson University!? Share in the comments below!

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