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10 Easter Treats You Can Bake This Holiday

10 Easter Treats You Can Bake This Holiday

Easter treats to bake! Let the colours, scents and tastes of spring fill your kitchen with these ideas for easter baking! Make these easter treats for your easter dinner or easter brunch, or even just to get you into the spring time mood!

1. Lamb Cake

A classic easter dessert for many, lamb cake is a show stopping dessert that all can enjoy! Your lamb can be any flavour of car and icing, it just has to look like a lamb! This easter treat will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face!


2. Carrot Cake

Perfect for people AND for the easter bunny! Carrot cake often gets a bad rep (vegetables in dessert?? EW) but there are many recipes out there, full of nuts and spices, that will convert anyone into a carrot cake lover! Plus, carrot cake is topped with the best icing of all time – CREAM CHEESE. Dare I say more?

3. Hot Cross Buns

C’mon. Is it really easter without hot cross buns? I doubt it. A delicious sweet bun to keep around your home during the easter season, hot cross buns are the perfect easter treat for just about any occasion! Breakfast, brunch, lunch dinner or tea time, hot cross buns are there for you!

4. Fruit Pavlova

A STUNNING dessert to whip out, and so so simple to make, pavlova is a delectable crowd pleaser. Pile fruit and sauces (a lovely curd, perhaps?) onto your pavlova and you have an easter treat almost too beautiful to eat – almost!


5. Easter Shaped Cookies

Easter cookies are the perfect way to bring some easter cheer into your life! Simply make a cookie dough, such as shortbread or sugar cookie, and use some easter cookie cutters to get those charming easter shapes you want! Decorate your cookies with pastel coloured icing and sprinkles for a delightful easter treat. Alternatively, make cookies that celebrate the flavours of spring, such as lemon, orange, pistachio, rose or lavender – cookie possibilities are endless.

6. Lemon Bars

Who doesn’t love a lemon bar? With a buttery bottom and a sweet yet tangy top, lemon bars are layers of easter goodness. Make some lemon bars to take to any easter function, or just for yourself. After all, they’re bunny hoppin’ good!


7. Hummingbird Cake

A Jamaican recipe that became popularized in the Southern United States, hummingbird cake is a Southern classic, a masterpiece of cakery that will perfectly ring in the spring season. With bananas, pineapple, pecans, vanilla and spices in the batter, this cake is topped with cream cheese frosting and more pecans – a decadent and warm dessert. This cake will surely became your new fav!

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8. Rhubarb Strawberry Almond Tart

Spring season and easter season also means its RHUBARB SEASON! You can incorporate rhubarb into just about any easter treat you have your heart set on, but a rhubarb tart will truly put the deliciousness of rhubarb at the forefront of the dish. And with strawberries and almonds? We have a winner!

9. Easter Simnel Cake

A classic easter dessert in the United Kingdom, simnel cake is light a fruitcake with marzipan icing, topped with marzipan eggs. Try out this easter treat if you wanna go the traditional (but still delicious) route!

10. Strawberry Shortcake

Mmmmm. Anything with strawberries is just about a perfect easter treat and strawberry shortcake especially! Layer up a buttery shortbread with fresh whipped cream and fresh strawberries, and you’ve got a spring time dessert for any occasion!


Which of these eater treats will you make to get into the easter spirit? Let us know in the comments below!

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