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10 Easter Dinner Ideas That The Whole Family Will Love

10 Easter Dinner Ideas That The Whole Family Will Love

10 Easter Dinner Ideas That The Whole Family Will Love

Easter dinner is a little bit away, but for a big family celebration, it’s always exciting to plan early! With these Easter dinner ideas, you can impress ALL of your family members (yes, even your picky old aunt Mildred) and make it the most memorable Easter dinner yet!

1. Devilled Eggs

A truly adorable appetizer for Easter! You can dye some hardboiled eggs for decoration, or with the kids at your family easter, and then make them into tasty devilled egg delights. The colour on the egg white is a very fun, easter-y touch!

2. Easter Egg Braided Bread

A classic tradition in many cultures, this braided bread with coloured eggs set into the middle is show stopping!  A simple bread to make, this braided situation looks beautiful in the middle of any easter table. Serve it with dinner, with tea, or whenever really!


3. Paper Flower Bouquets

These simple decorations are cheap to make, but still absolutely gorgeous. All you need is some tissue and pipe cleaners to make these lovely paper flowers. Bunch them into bouquets and decorate the whole easter dinner! Better, yet, make them with all your younger family members for an adorable easter craft.

4. Easter Basket Party Favours

Little easter baskets on your easter dinner table? Love it! Place little easter baskets on all of your place settings, and add each guest’s name tag to the party favours for some easter whimsy. And, of course, how could it be an easter dinner without giving out a lil’ candy?

5. Easter Egg Wreaths

Wreaths are NOT just for christmas time! Buy a variety of plastic eggs at an old store, glue them on a circular base, or an old wreath, and there ya go! A lovely easter wreath you can hang on your door, welcoming all your family to easter dinner!


6. Spring Flowers In Egg Cup Vases

This delicate decoration requires some extra time, but for such a cute easter dinner touch, it is worth it! Drain out some eggs (you can use them for baking or cooking still, don’t worry!), pick some little spring flowers, cut the eggshells in half, and you’ve got some dainty little flower vases!

7. Artichoke Appetizer

Artichokes are abundant in spring, and easter dinner is the perfect place to show them off. Get some artichokes, steam em, roast em, grill em, what have you – artichokes are the perfect vegetable appetizer to start off your dinner.

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8. Freshly Baked Biscuits

Biscuits are everyone’s favourite side dish, and easter dinner is no exception! Especially if you are serving a classic roast ham easter dinner, freshly baked biscuits are a lovely easter side dish. Eating them warm with butter, honey or whatever you want, biscuits put a smile on everyone’s face!

9. Pavlova With Spring Fruit

OMG! Not only is this dessert absolutely delectable, but it looks beautiful, and is actually incredibly easy to make! Make a big, white, crunchy meringue, top it with fresh spring fruit, and there you go. You could even make some fresh cream or other fruit sauces as a delicious and gorgeous way to finish your easter dinner. A delicious springtime easter dessert that is absolutely eye-catching!

10. Lemonade!

Awwww! Having some fresh squeezed lemonade at your easter dinner is such a perfect touch for your evening – you can drink it all throughout the night!  Not only can everyone enjoy it, but it is a lovely way to ring in both easter and spring time. Plus, who doesn’t love lemonade?


Which of these Easter dinner ideas will you try with your family? What are your Easter dinner secrets? Let us know in the comments below!

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