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10 Easter Brunch Ideas That Will Bring Everyone Together

10 Easter Brunch Ideas That Will Bring Everyone Together

It’s easter brunch, aka, time to pull out all your spring-time stops and throw the social event of the LITERAL season (even if it’s just your family – they’re VIPs too)! Whatever kind of easter brunch you want to throw, these easter brunch ideas will give you some serious brunch inspo to pull off the easter brunch of your dreams!

1. Hot Cross Buns

An easter classic! C’mon – would it really be an easter brunch, or easter for that matter, without some ooey gooey hot cross buns?  I think not. Pick some up from your local bakery, or make them yourself to enjoy with a post brunch cup of tea!


2. Brunch Cocktails!

No brunch is complete without some brunch cocktails, and that definitely goes for easter brunch as well! You could put a twist on a classic, with an idea like a carrot juice mimosas, or go for fun spring flavours, such as a spiked floral punch – you’re the bartender!

3. Dill-Beet Salmon Gravlax

Is a spring time event really complete without smoked salmon of some sort? This dish is super impressive, while also being suuuuper easy to prepare! Marinating the salmon will take a day or two, and when it’s done, you’re are left with a beautiful, aromatic, colourful piece of fish! Perfect for any easter brunch. Serve it with blinis, bagels, or just to munch on!

4. Peach and Blackberry Iced Tea

This mocktail not only has a lovely colour, but is a tasty drink that all your underage or non-drinking guests can enjoy! Have some iced tea ready to serve your guests once they enter your brunch function, it’s just the way to get your party started off right.


5. Cheese Soufflé

A dish that can be daunting for some, cheese soufflé is a LOT easier than you would think! A delicious and simple brunch recipe that everyone will love; it’ll put all your guests in awe. Serve a cheese soufflé as the main dish for a small brunch, or as a side for a bigger one, this dish cannot be missed!

6. Sardou Style Eggs

A New Orleans invention, Eggs Sardou is a fun way to mix up your brunch menu! Similar to an eggs benny, but with creamed spinach and artichokes instead of an English muffin, Eggs Sardou is a delectable spring time brunch dish! Although making poached eggs can be a bit of a pain, it’s VERY worth it for Eggs Sardou, especially when topped with a slice of easter ham!


7. Quiche

The classic brunch dish. The classic ladies-who-lunch dish. Quiche is always a winner, a favourite for many. Go with a unique recipe, or stay true to the Lorraine, it doesn’t matter, quiche is a crowd pleaser!

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8. Baked French Toast

A very easy way to feed a lot of people, while still serving something fun and delicious, baked french toast is there for you! Baking your french toast in the oven not only gives it a different flavour, but it’s sooooo simple and quick! Make some sauces to go with your french toast, serve it with fresh fruit and whip cream and you’re all set!

9. Lamb Cake

An easter classic dessert for some, lamb cake is exactly what is sounds like – a cake in the shape of a lamb! With any flavour of icing and cake you want, lamb cake is a cheerful and festive dessert that will especially please your youngest guests.

10. Buttermilk Biscuits

Seriously. The best side for any meal, in particular a brunch. And especially an easter brunch. Buttermilk biscuits – need I say more?


Which of these easter brunch ideas would you try for your brunch? Let us know in the comments below!

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