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10 Dorm Essentials You Need To Build Your Room Decor

One of the perks of living on campus is the freedom of decorating your own dorm with all the dorm essentials you’d like! On those days when you are mentally and physically drained because of school, sometimes you just want to come home to a space that is cozy and intimate. According to interior designers, the way a space is furnished – from the colours to the size of decor pieces – has a major effect on the physical and emotional health of humans. Therefore, the living space of student is also a primary factor  in ensuring their overall wellness at school. Here are 10 dorm essentials that every student need to create the most liveable space!

1. Fairy string lights

Whether you are watching Netflix or have friends over, this decor will illuminate your space like no other! It’s not only affordable, but it also adds the ultimate cozy and intimate vibe to your dorm! This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing dorm essentials.

2. Message Board

Out of all dormitory decors, this is one of the most crucial. Not only does it add variety to your wall, it also helps you organize your day and reminds you of important school due dates. An absolute investment to those who are forgetful!

3. Comfy Chair

This is obviously a necessity. You need a spot to relax other than your bed right? There are many modern chairs at the moment that are not only cheap but also very aesthetically pleasing. Make sure it’s one of the top things on your checklist!

4. USB Desk Lamp

You can never go wrong with a decor that’s multi-functional. A great example would be a USB Desk lamp! It not only provides sufficient lighting but it lets you charge your immediate tech gadgets. What more could you ask for?

5. Faux Fur Rug

When looking for dorm essentials, don’t forget a rug! Nothing feels more satisfying than rubbing your skin on a soft fur rug. Got tired or cold feet after walking back and forth across the school campus? This is the best thing to come home to. It also brings life to your dull and monotonous floor.

6. Paper Lanterns

If you’re planning to throw a mini party or a get together, consider investing in paper lanterns. Apart from fairy string lights, these cute light decors come in different colours and shapes which also add the perfect cozy yet entertaining vibe to your little living space!

7. Accessory Cabinet with Mirror

All female students must have this! If you are an accessory fanatic, this is the perfect room decor to get. It provides a full body mirror and is extremely spacious for all your little blings and knick-knacks. This should get you excited to glam up everyday for school!

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8. Floor Pillows

If lounging is your cup of tea, then you need floor pillows in your living space. Sitting on the sofa while watching TV is overrated. The floor and these cushions are all you need to have a good movie night. Oh, and obviously popcorn!

9. Colourful Wall Art

Need to brighten the walls? There is nothing as easy as getting good classic and colourful wall art. You can easily find large framed photos in your local art store, or if you’re willing to spend to money, get a canvas painting. The bigger and bolder, the better!

10. Sofa Bed

If you’re the type to fall asleep while watching television or reading, then you need one of these. Simple and functional, sofa beds are just a good investment whether or not you’re living on campus. It might even give you an excuse to throw a sleepover party.

What other chic dorm essentials can you suggest? Share your ideas in the comment section below

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