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10 DIY Thrifted Home Decor Ideas

10 DIY Thrifted Home Decor Ideas

10 DIY Thrifted Home Decor Ideas

Decorating can be a lot of fun. Thrift store decor is a great way to give your space a new twist. DIY home decor is a great idea, but I don’t want to spend 40 dollars on a lamp that I am going to attempt to DIY.

1. Embroidered Curtains

Curtains can be a lot of money. No one wants to drop a ton of money on long sheets. Embroidery is basically stitching on to the fabric. Stop at the thrift store and find your perfect set of curtains.

I went with an essential white pair. Then grab your embroidery hoop, needle, and thread. On the curtain using a pencil to draw or stencil your design on to the curtain. I suggest a simple design that won’t be hard to repeat. This is how you can pattern your plain thrifted curtains.

10 DIY Thrifted Home Decor Ideas

2. Vase

Thrift store decor can be hideous and tacky. That is why it is a perfect chance to give something a  new life. For this buy any vase. One you like or one that you hate. If you hate it paint it white. Once it is white buy a paint stamp, there are tons at the dollar store and bam. Cute new vase.


3. Light Jars

There are also jars at the thrift store. Old jam jars that line the racks which are great for the everyday drinking glass but if you really want a boho aesthetic then buy some fairy lights. This also works with huge jars.

4.  Herb Wall

This thrifted home decor is quite the project so if you have time this is perfect.

You will need:

  • 1 large plank of recycled wood
  • 3 metal tin cans (paint cans work great)
  • paint
  • drill
  • herbs

First, paint the cans white and let dry. Drill two holes in each can about 2 inches apart lengthwise. Position the cans on the wood and mark where you drill the holes, attach cans using screws. Screw in from the back of the wood and secure with a nut on the front. The nut will be hidden by your fresh herbs.


10 DIY Thrifted Home Decor Ideas

5. Wine Glass Shelf

This is pretty easy to make and doesn’t really require a thrift store item. But if you are low on wine glasses the thrift store always has some cute ones. Also, you could replace the wood with a wooden decoration from the thrift store.

You will need:

  • 6-10 large nails
  • hammer
  • wood plank
  • wine glasses

The nails are what support the wine glasses by hanging them from the bottom. If your wine glasses have thicker stems, your nails will have to be farther apart.


10 DIY Thrifted Home Decor Ideas

6. Vintage Lamp

This can go two ways either messing with the shade or the base. If you happen to thrift a lamp with a beautiful base, then you can add more to the top.

For shade attach items to the bottom of the lamp like strips of lace or pom poms. Whatever goes with your aesthetic. For the base use rope and circle around the base and attach with super glue.

7. Office chair

Cute thrift store decor can be hard to come by. Do you ever go into a thrift store and find a perfect leather office chair, but it is too ugly to take home?

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To fix it buy a large piece of fur fabric. Cut the material and then hot glue onto the front and seat of the office chair. Make sure that the fabric has the right amount of fur.

8. Bathroom Gallery

A bathroom gallery is an assortment of decorations that have a similar theme. This is rather easy as you can find the decorations you like at the thrift store. Find things that are all different sizes. If you don’t like the finish on something or the color go to the craft store. This is really about being creative.

10 DIY Thrifted Home Decor Ideas


9.  Vintage Wall

This is a very similar process as to the bathroom gallery. But this targets more pictures and posters. A wall of vintage vogue posters, this can be thrifted, or the photos can be bought on Etsy.

Once you found your perfect theme create an aesthetically appealing wall with tack or tape.

10. Farm Buckets

The farm aesthetic I am referring too is the labeled buckets. You can do mason jars also, but I think the buckets look better.

You can always find small tin flower buckets at the dollar store or at the thrift store. You can buy a stencil if you are like me and freehand is not an option.


10 DIY Thrifted Home Decor Ideas

The thrift store is a great place to pick up items to give a new life to. Share your favorite DIYs down below!
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