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10 Different Types Of Drunk We’ve All Been

10 Different Types Of Drunk We’ve All Been

10 Different Types Of Drunk We've All Been

You are never yourself when you’re drunk, and this can either turn out to be a really good thing, or a really bad thing. Everyone that parties has experienced those nights where alcohol completely transforms you, and you act in ways that you can’t explain the next day. Sometimes these nights can turn out to be super fun, and sometimes not so much – nonetheless, these are ten different types of drunk we’ve ALL experienced:

1. Emotional Drunk

Okay, so you mix a little too much alcohol and go overboard. You end crying in the bathroom stall and nearly get you and your friends kicked out of the club. When you’re sober, the solution seems simple: wipe your tears, put a smile on your face, and deal with it when the night’s over. But, anyone who has experienced even the slightest of cases of being an emotional drunk knows this is impossible, once you trigger the tears the night is downhill from there.

2. Sick Drunk

If you’ve never been a sick drunk, you’re a strong one. It sucks when our friends, or ourselves, abuse our limits and end the night projectile vomiting, but it happens to the best of us. This is one of the reasons that it’s important to party with people that have your back, cause when the night gets like this you’re gonna need a hand.


3. Black-Out Drunk

You do stupid things that you have no recollection of in the morning, and you are reminded by everyone the next day. You’re either left with some really stupid stories, or memories you can’t stop cringing at. You repeat the famous “I am never drinking again”, which works until the next weekend.

4. Tired Drunk

The only things you can think of are getting a large poutine and burying yourself in your pillows. Your eyes are closing and you’re passing out on the shoulders of your friends. It is home time.

5. Boring Drunk

We all hate these drunks, but we’ve also all been one. You’re just not in the party mood, and that’s okay, except for the fact that you literally have the entire night ahead of you. You ask yourself why you even bother going out.


6. Embarrassing Drunk

Whether it be you tripping over your own feet, dancing on people in inappropriate ways, or saying things completely out of line – we’ve all experienced it, we’ve all found ourselves being a little too embarrassing when we’re too many shots in.

7. Camera Whore Drunk

You know this one: you wake up the next morning with 100 new pictures in your camera roll. You took a picture with everyone you know, and even with everyone you didn’t know. You’ve got candid photos of all your friends and far too many group pictures. You check social media and the club posted 6 photos of you and your friends, you don’t even want to look at your snapchat story.

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8. Flirty Drunk

Everyone becomes a little more attractive and you become that much more confident.

9. Slutty Drunk

You do inappropriate things that your friends are probably going to roast you for doing, but you have fun regardless. This drunk is often reached after flirty drunk. We all need one of these nights once in a while (sorry mom).

10. Not Drunk

The abolsute worst, for you at least. You decide to go out and not drink, or maybe the alcohol just isn’t going down. You’re already at the party, so there’s no going back now. Your only choices are to watch everyone be extremely annoying and horrifyingly embarrassing or, you better to start drinking.


What’s your favourite type of drunk to be? Tell us in the comments!

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