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10 Date Ideas For A First Time Romance

This is during the period where it is new and exciting. These date ideas will leave you feeling magical, but in a few months, they will leave you feeling like “damn this is a lot of effort.

1. Sports Game

This is a great date idea if you and your person can make eyes at each other for hours but the words are minimal. If they are a sports buff then they will be completely enthralled and you can convince yourself you will learn to like it.

Something like hockey is sure to make that Canadian boy feel like you give a shit. While you get to occasionally watch guys brawl. Plus the jerseys can be really cute. Unless he is a Bruins fan. Because wow yellow and black is NOT A GOOD COLOR COMBO. Like I’m not a bee.

2. Bar

You get to drink and actually convince yourself that this is fun even though its boring. They will watch the game and drink beer. If you hate beer you will drink it anyway but really you want to die.

But bars mean alcohol and alcohol makes me fun. So if you are trying to seem mysterious maybe get a little drunk and see where your inner alcoholic takes you.

3. Restaurant

With a new romance, this can be awkward with the whole who pays fiasco. But my motto is literally always paid for what you get. Simple.

This is a great way to talk if you are ready for that and if it gets awkward order more wine, fake text and move on.

4. Skating

I’m pretty sure everyone likes skating and in theory what is there not to like. You can look all cute in a hat and red cheeks but really your so fucking cold.

If you don’t want to spend over 2 hours with the person then this is perfect. Quick and easy, everyone gets bored after an hour.

5. Movies

In reality, going to the movies is a great date even if you have been together since the dawn of time. You get to see a movie on a giant screen and you barely have to talk.

Maybe you want to talk and get to know the guy or something but if you are as awkward as I am, watching a movie is the better option.

6. Carriage ride

If you live in Montreal then you know where to go to smell horse shit. Shockingly that is in the expensive ass Old Port that features wealth and carriage rides.

There is a theory that every woman wants to feel like a princess and if you fall into this category then definitely take this slow mode of transportation. It will feel all romantic but realistically both of you are going to want to jump carriage.

7. Amusement Park

I hate them. Lots of people, noise, and I’m scared of heights so most rides fall into that category. But most love them.

See Also

There is a ton to do and if you want to get to know your other person then this can be as long as you want. It can be a group thing so if you are not really sure where you stand invite friends!

8. Pottery

If you also are stuck in the mind of a ten-year-old then this is the date for you. It gives you tons to talk about because of duh clay.

9. Garden

If you live in Montreal then you have heard of the botanical gardens. It is one of those places that is so ridiculously magical you kind of have to go.

If your date is down to take photos then it could be very beneficial to your feed.

10. Arcade

Ahh the arcade. A place where everyone turns into a  cand hoarding 11-year-old who is far too competitive. This is by far my favorite place and if this is a first-time excursion you can show them who is boss if video games happen to be your niche.

It is cheap and it is a great place to go after a stressful, forced dinner. Or maybe an actually decent dinner (trying to be an optimist).

Try these date ideas if Netflix and dodging moves does not sound like your perfect night. Let us know what you think down below!
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Olivia Burwell

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