10 Date Ideas Around Waterloo For Students on A Budget

Here are some date ideas around Waterloo for you and boo. Dating in Waterloo can be difficult but we have you covered. We've got Waterloo's top date spots.

Between classes and studying, its hard to develop a social life as a Waterloo student, much less find time or money to uphold a relationship. To help keep your love life alive, here are 10 of my top date ideas around Waterloo for you and your significant other when you’re short on money.

1. St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market.

-St. Jacobs, ON-

Estimated Cost: $0 (+cost of produce)

Getting there: Bus 21 from Conestoga Mall

This one is good for when you and your significant other want to get off campus and get some fresh air (and produce!). The market is open all year on Thurdsay and Saturday from 7am to 3:30pm. You can easily get there by taking the 21 from Conestoga mall (check out google maps for more bus options). With your bus pass included in your university fees, this trip can be totally free (that is, if you’re just window shopping). I find this one is a good date idea for weekends so you can spend a little extra time with your significant other while getting your grocery shopping done. This is one of the best date ideas around Waterloo.

Check out their website for full details and vendor information: https://stjacobs.com/Farmers-Market-General-Information.htm


2. Coffee Culture (include bus routes, its the cross bw starbucks and second cup).

-Kitchener, ON ~ The Boardwalk-

Estimated Cost: $5-$10/person

Getting there: Bus 9/13 from Columbia at Beechlawn

Not only is The Boardwalk a great place for shopping with its abundance of retail stores and restaurants, it also has one of my favourite coffee chains, Coffee Culture. For me, its a nice cross between a Starbucks and a Second Cup. Although not the cheapest cup of coffee you’ll every buy (nothing can beat the CnD prices), the warm and cozy environment makes it the perfect date spot. With a great selection of quality beverages and desserts, there will be something for you and your significant other to sit down and enjoy together.

3. Waterloo Park.

-Waterloo, ON-

Estimated Cost: $0

Getting there: 10 min walk from UW via Segram Dr

If you’ve never been to Waterloo Park, you’ve been missing out. With lots of paths, open space, a miniature zoo, and plenty of geese (of course), it makes for a lovely walk any time of the year. After a stressful day, this is a great place to relax. The park is especially beautiful during sunrise or sunset so bring a blanket and curl up together on the grass or at a picnic table.

4. Wonders of Winter: Waterloo Park Lights Festival.

-Waterloo, ON-

Estimated Cost: $0

Getting there: 10 min walk from UW via Segram Dr

Every winter, Waterloo Park holds a festival of lights called the “Wonders of Winter”. Hundreds of beautifully lit displays are shown off in the park for everyone to enjoy. Opening night, December 2 2017 at 5:30 p.m., is an extra special night which, this year, hosts a Canada 150 fireworks display. With no admission cost, there’s no breaking the bank on a beautiful date. Other things that the park as to offer are free horse drawn carriage rides around the park (Friday/Saturday), hot chocolate, and a Nativity scene. Lights are on at 6 p.m. from opening night to so be sure to check out this seasonal date idea and be sure to bundle up!

Check out their website for full details about the festival: http://www.wondersofwinter.ca/


5. Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra.

Estimated cost: $15 (for students)/ person

Getting there: Locations vary

If you love orchestral music, this one is for you. The KW Symphony is home to both the KW Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Youth Ensemble. With several concerts held throughout the 2017-2018 season, there will guaranteed be a performance for you and your significant other to attend. Plus at $15 per person, it’s relatively cheap. These concerts give you and your significant other to get dressed up and have a night out together. If you’re looking for a Christmas related concert to take a break from exam studying, try the “Yuletide Spectacular” concert or the “Christmastide- A Baroque Christmas” concert.

Check out their website for tickets: http://www.kwsymphony.ca/index.php

6. Uptown Waterloo.

-Waterloo, ON-

Estimated Cost: $0

Getting there: 20 min walk from UW

Nothing is quite like walking around a bustling city core and window shopping. There are lots of different stores that you can pop into to look around as well as restaurants and coffee shops if you want to stop to get a bite to eat. This is a good way to get in a bit of exercise from all the walking as well as spending time with your significant other.

7. Downtown Kitchener.

-Kitchener, ON-

Estimated Cost: $0

See Also

Getting there: Bus 7 from B.C. Matthews Hall

Much like Uptown Waterloo, Downtown Kitchener has lots of shops and restaurants for you to check out, as well as they host lots of events throughout the year, and beautiful lights during the winter season. One of the top date ideas around Waterloo.

Check out their website for events and stores: http://www.downtownkitchener.ca/en/index.asp

8. Study Date.

Estimated Cost: $0

Finding time to fit in studying and dating as a Waterloo student is difficult, so why not combine them? A study date can be the best of both worlds if your significant other isn’t going to distract you too much when you hit the books. As lame as it sounds, study dates are my favourite type of date. I get to use my significant other to help me study and provide support for when studying isn’t going well or when I’m stressing myself out. It’s a perfect date ideas around Waterloo. My favourite on-campus study date spots includes EIT (you can look at the rocks and dinosaur when you need a bit of a break!), SLC (its super quiet for late light studying), M3 study room (located on the main floor), or the MC CnD. Grab some coffee and happy studying!

9. The Museum.

-Kitchener, ON-

Estimated Price: $5/person (on Wednesdays) or $11.95/person

Getting there: Bus 7 from B.C. Matthews Hall

Sharing the things you love with your significant other is important, and museums are what I love. With their beautiful and well put together exhibits learning is at your fingertips. With the “Model Citizens” exhibition opening this October, you’ll surely want to check it out.  It a cute date idea and plus its only $5 on Wednesdays! Perfect date ideas around Waterloo.

Check out their website for tickets: http://www.themuseum.ca/

10. Night At The Bomber.

-Waterloo, ON-

Estimated Cost: Varies

Our on campus pub in the SLC, The Bombshelter Pub, or Bomber, hosts several events during the weeks for you to attend which are very cheap! Bomber Wednesday is a 19+ club night where you dance the night away, have a lot of fun, and really let loose with your significant other. Trivia Thursday lets you show off your smarts against different teams from all around campus (This is a great idea for double dates to build up your trivia team). Feel Good Fridays features half-price wings and live music from local bands; its a fantastic way to wind down after a stressful week and ease into the weekend and is one of the perfect date ideas around Waterloo. The Bomber is a cheap, on-campus date idea that you need to try out!

Check out their website for full event details: http://www.feds.ca/bomber/

Let us know what you think about these date ideas around Waterloo! Drop us a line!!
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