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10 Cute Rainy Day Dates

10 Cute Rainy Day Dates

Need some cute ideas for rainy day dates when the weather's got you down? These 10 cute rainy day dates will put sunshine in anyone's day!

Ugh. Rainy day dates – it can be hard to make them romantic, right? WRONG. Need something lovey-dovey to do but the rain’s got you down? This list is gonna show you 10 cute activities you and your s/o can do together, it doesn’t matter what the weather’s like!

1. Cook A Romantic Dinner

Rainy day dates are the perfect time to finally try a mouthwatering recipe you’ve been dreaming about! Be courageous and try something you feel is daunting – make something together you’ll both be proud of! Pasta dough? A souffle perhaps? If that’s too scary, a good old luxurious dinner is always ~romantique~. You could splurge and get lobsters, or make something French like boeuf bourguignon – the sky’s the limit!

2. Take A Long, Sexy Bath

Oooooh yes. Rainy day dates don’t have to be cold and miserable. Light the bathroom dimly, buy a couple of candles, maybe get some incense or aromatherapy going, and enjoy a hot bath together. Add some bath salts, a bath bomb or lovely bubbles, plus flower petals if you’re feeling a little extra. Also – a bottle of something to enjoy together is essential. Relax together and listen to some music while snuggled together, maybe even a curated sexy playlist?


3. A One Day Book Club For Two!

Nothing is sexier than having a big ol’ brain! Rainy day dates can be productive too! Go to the library together and rent out the same book, or have one of you read to the other – s’cute! You could even get a book of short stories if you wanna just finish ’em in one day. Alternatively, you could rent an audiobook and listen together, or even start a new podcast! Once you have your medium, head over to a coffee shop and enjoy sipping and reading together!

4. Go To An Art Gallery/Museum

For rainy day dates, nothing is better than staying inside looking at something beautiful when it’s gross outside! Head over to any local museum or gallery you love and see what exhibit’s on. What a romantic way to spend a few hours together, just the two of you and some masterpieces!

5. Movie Day!

Stay at home and watch a classic movie that the two of you have never seen. Set up an indoor picnic, with lots of pillows and blankets, and indulge! Or, go to a proper theatre and see a one, complete with popcorn and drinks. Movie theatres are also the best place to have a steamy makeout – double cute!


6.  Bake Something!

It’s so fun to do something creative with your s/o, especially on a rainy day! Make a sweet treat that you can enjoy together. A warm pie, or hot cookies with a glass of milk are adorable when its cold outside.

7. Go Bowling!

Get a little competitive together! A bit of competition will add some drama to your day inside. Play a couple rounds, and maybe drink a couple rounds too! Get some snacks from the snack bar, make funny nick-names for each other on the scoreboards, play the arcade games (if they have any), and have a fun-loving afternoon.

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8. Bar Hop!

Check out some bars or restaurants you’ve been wanting to get to together! Or go to some breweries you haven’t and sample new craft beers. Get some food at the end of it together, or order take out and enjoy it at home.

9. Make Cocktails

Oh, yea! Make some new cocktails that you’ve wanted to try! A romantic way to begin or start any evening! Pick up a bunch of ingredients so that the combinations can keep gettin’ mixed. Stay sheltered from the rain and make your own drinks for your rainy day dates instead of going out.

10. Stay In Bed

Seriously, isn’t this the best way to spend a rainy day? Relax all day in each other’s company. Serve breakfast in bed, or have a little bed picnic. Talk and spend quality time while snuggling, watch some movies and best of all, have a LOT of sex. This is THE day for that!


Would you try any of these rainy day dates? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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