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Cute Places To Improve Your Instagram In Toronto

Cute Places To Improve Your Instagram In Toronto

Now that the weather is nicer, we can explore more of Toronto! While Toronto may look like a frozen tundra in the winter, it blossoms into a beautiful rose for the rest of the year. Spring, Summer, and even Fall are great seasons to tour the beautiful scenery this city has to offer. Although there are hundreds of places to visit, we have narrowed down a few for you. 

1. CN Tower

In the summer Toronto’s CN Tower has a few options to visit. The first being the great 360 restaurant. Wine and Dine at one of the most fancy restaurants while obtaining a 360 view of Toronto. While the restaurant is revolving, you can snap a ton of cute pictures for your instagram. To get the most of your visit, we also recommend going up to the Edge Walk. Who wouldn’t want a selfie on the edge of one of the tallest buildings in the world? Anyone who sees your instagram feed will be jealous AF.


2. High Park

Depending on when you are in Toronto, High Park will be a cute place to take pictures. Once a year, between late April and early May the cherry blossoms in High Park are at full bloom. Although the park is considered a natural park with a variety of foliage, the cherry blossoms are the main highlight for many Torontonians and tourists. You can see millions of people taking selfies in the flower garden and next to the cherry blossom trees. High Park is also a recreational park, so you could take your dog for a walk while snapping a picture for your instagram feed. 

3. Scarborough Bluffs

Toronto’s Scarborough Bluffs is like standing on the top of an island overlooking the water. It is beautiful, tranquil and radiant in every way. To get the most of the picture, we recommend going during the golden hour or near sunset. The scenery is very famous for engagement photoshoots and wedding photos. If these pictures don’t make your viewers want to escape to an island, they will definitely make them jealous of your instagram. Bringing your significant other to your mini photoshoot will scream couple goals.


4. The Mist Garden

Located in Yorkville, Toronto, The Mist Garden is a small cooling spot in the middle of busy office building. At first glance it may look like a small green space, but once you sit down you will realize its more than that. The name gives the location justice, it is a small garden in the middle of town that has a small man-made waterfall on one side. The garden has a few benches within it that allows you to sit back and relax while enjoying the nice mist from the waterfall. The mist garden is definitely a place you want to visit during Toronto’s hot and sticky summers.

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5. Polson Pier

Located in Toronto’s Centre Island, Polson Pier is filled with cute photography pictures and fun places for the while family. While your children are go-karting, you can take come cute pictures of the island and Toronto’s skyline. Ever see those beautiful stock photos of Toronto’s Skyline on instagram or postcards? Polson Pier is where the photographers took them. Polson Pier is only a short boat ride away, and you can even take come cute instagram stories and instagram pictures of your boat ride as well. When your traveling to centre island, everything is instagram worthy. 


Are you heading to Toronto this summer? Which of these cute places will you visit first? Comment down below if you have any more suggestions!

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