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10 Cute Lazy Girl Hairstyles To Try

10 Cute Lazy Girl Hairstyles To Try

These are the cutest lazy girl hairstyles that everyone needs to rock. They are quick hairstyles that take no time to accomplish. You'll find the perfect hairstyle for lazy girls here.

I’m sure we’ve all had those days where you’d much rather stay in bed than go to class. Let’s face it, despite the constant yearning we have for sleeping, the day doesn’t wait on us. One quick thing that we can do to make our day a little less boring is change up that head of hair. Check out these 10 cute lazy girl hairstyles to try in under five minutes!

1. #WokeUpLikeThis

Literally I woke up like this. That’s it. Roll out of bed and start your day off with a natural hairstyle. Work with your natural texture and throw in some sea salt spray. Done.

2. That Really, Really High Pony

For this style, take a hair elastic and tie your hair at the top of your head. Bam. From not to hot in 30 seconds flat. For thick hair, double tie it to ensure it will stay in place all day. Add a couple pieces in the front to flatter your face.


3. The Classic Low Messy Bun

Running late for work? Then twist your hair into a low bun and go off to work. Quick, before your boss notices!

4. Top It Off With A Ball Cap

A ball cap can be a lifesaver if your hair is a little oily or if the weather isn’t so nice.  Try this look with different hairstyles such as a braid, left down, or in a pony.

5. The Tuck in

An easy and flattering look that can definitely draw attention. Want to boost this look? Pull some hair back with a bobby pin and secure those flyway hairs. The ultimate lazy girl hairstyles to try out.


6. The Low Braided Look

Searching for something extra to add to your daily style? Try out a low braid. It’s simple and it looks like you actually spent time on this hairstyle, which you totally didn’t. 😉

7. The Half And Half

Shake things up and try out the half and half. Tie up half of your hair into a bun and leave the rest down.

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8. The Half And Half 2.0

Similar to the previous hairstyle, this one is a half pony laid on top of your hair. A flirty and fun look will definitely be one of the best lazy girl hairstyles to rock!



9. The Cute Low, Low Pony

Contrast to the high pony, this one is just above the neck. Pair this hairstyle with a casual outfit and with a ribbon on date night. It’s one of the easiest lazy girl hairstyles to try.

10. The Braided Pony

For those all of those football games and yoga classes, try this sporty look. It takes a few minutes to change your hair from “meh” to “wow”. Pair it with a ball cap or a headband. You’ll look good with this hairstyle.

Would you try these lazy girl hairstyles the next time you miss your alarm? Let us know in the comments below!

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