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10 Cute Date Ideas Around Ryerson

10 Cute Date Ideas Around Ryerson

10 Cute Date Ideas Around Ryerson

With Ryerson University in the core of Downtown Toronto, there are a huge variety of places for dates. What makes it even better is that everything is either in walking distance or just a subway ride away. Whether it’s the first date or the 200th, something new can always be found to do. And with the fall season kicking in there are even more options to find cute date ideas around Ryerson to fit you and your significant other’s unique tastes. Keep reading for 10 cute date ideas around Ryerson!

1. Dinner with a view at 360 The Restaurant.

Living in one of the top tourist cities in Canada, why not take advantage of all the attractions Toronto has to offer. Spend an evening enjoying a meal at 360 The Restaurant while overseeing a view of the city from the top of the CN Tower or spend an afternoon admiring the aquatic life at Ripley’s Aquarium. The Royal Ontario Museum or the Art Gallery of Ontario are also affordable places that are a must visit in Toronto. No matter which it may be, spend a date admiring Toronto’s coolest tourist spots (and each other).

2. Enjoy the most creative ice cream at Fugo.

Although the weather may be getting colder, who can say no to ice cream, especially with all the cool places in Toronto. Just down Yonge street, minutes from Ryerson is Fugo offering unique flavours and creations. Similar places such as Sweet Jesus or Bang Bang Ice cream offers a unique spin on the typical soft serve ice cream. It’s delicious, Instagram worthy and cute date appropriate.


3. Cheer for your favorite sports team together!

Toronto is home to some of the country’s favourite teams. If your sport is hockey or basketball, take advantage of the home games right here in Toronto. Spend a night cheering for the Maple Leafs or the Raptors. Wear matching jerseys and share a bag of popcorn to cozy up the night. A fun, cheery date is a great way to lighten up the relationship or get to know each other.

4. Go to a themed event night at Sneaky Dee’s.

Sports may not be everyone’s thing, maybe you and your significant other are more into the charming, aesthetic dates. Records shops, such as Paramusic right down the street from Ryerson is a place to browse through and bond over music. The El Furniture Warehouse is a good restaurant with food for only $4,99. With it’s cute hanging lights, good music and antique vibe it’s suitable for any hipster duo. Sneaky Dee’s is also a cool place with different themed event nights each week. Maybe these won’t fit everyone’s date preferences but they sure are unique places for the alternative date.

5. Classic dinner and a movie at Dundas Square.

Of course there are more simple options to go for dates, and right beside Ryerson, Yonge and Dundas square has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Between Jack Astor’s, to the Shark Pit, to Spring Sushi, there are options for everyone. And what goes best with dinner? A movie, of course! The large theatre in Dundas Square 10 is a classic date location right by Ryerson and all of the restaurants. Not every date needs to be extravagant, so pick a place you would both like and enjoy a typical movie and dinner for a relaxing evening.

Is Dundas Square on your list of cute date ideas around Ryerson?

6. Check out the cute boutiques in the Distillery District.

Walk hand-in-hand down the vintage streets of Toronto’s Distillery District. With it’s cute shops and boutiques as well as its art galleries and restaurants it is a chic area to take in Toronto’s Historic sites. The Victoria-era buildings are a sight to see and a place to definitely walk through with your significant other. My favorite of the cute date ideas around Ryerson!


7. Enjoy a cozy cup of coffee.

Coffee. If you didn’t like it before University, you definitely like it now. Ryerson students run on caffeine and with all the coffee places around Toronto, what better place to go for a date. Dineen, Jimmy’s Coffee and Balzac’s are all cute, cozy coffee shops in Downtown Toronto. With such a nice environment, it is a place that is easy to converse in. With the cold weather kicking in, snuggling up with a warm beverage is the perfect way to go.

8. Study in Balzac’s.

Every University student feels the overwhelming stress about school work, and when we aren’t studying it always feels that we should be. So why not turn study time into a study date? Right in Ryerson there is the Student Learning Centre with comfy chairs and a nice view. Or Balzac’s coffee is a cute place to hit the books together. The Toronto Reference Library and R Squared Cafe are also two popular study places in Downtown Toronto. Enjoy spending time together doing school work, drinking a coffee and sitting in each other’s company.

9. Go to Toronto After Dark!

With it being October, there are some cool events coming to Toronto that are a must see. Casa Loma is getting turned into a Haunted House. Show each other your vulnerable side by experiencing The Legends of Horror together. Or if interactive horror stuff is too much for you, the Toronto After Dark Film Festival is showing films all through the month. Enjoy horror, sci-fi, action and cult movies in the Scotiabank Theatre. Luckily Ryerson is also so close to Union Station, making it easier to go to Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt. If willing to make the trip, it could be one of the best cute date ideas around Ryerson ever.

10. See an awesome concert at Massey Hall!

It is said that people who share similar music taste share a soul connection. So why not check out a concert together? With Massey Hall just down the street from Ryerson and with all of the other concert halls around Downtown Toronto, there are always shows going on. Whether it is even just checking out a local musician at a pub, bonding over music is a great way to spend a date.


What are other cute date ideas around Ryerson? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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