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Creative Date Ideas to Try Around the University of Toronto

Creative Date Ideas to Try Around the University of Toronto

What is the most common date option for a Saturday night? I’m pretty sure that most of you thought of dinner and a movie, right? Even though this is the safe option, after a while, it can feel repetitive and boring. If this is how you feel, then you should switch it up a bit! Try some alternative dates with your special someone and keep reading for creative date ideas around the University of Toronto!


1. A Night at the Opera

Forget the movies. Take him/her to the Opera! The Opera has received a bad reputation by many people as they say that it is outdated and boring. However, if you are feeling like taking a little risk, or you just like the music, why not surprise your significant other with tickets? The glamour of the costumes and music and the beauty of the Opera House will mesmerize you and your date. In addition, planning a date like this will also help you make a good impression, as it will show your more elegant or sophisticated self. Check out more information here!

2. A Trip to the Amusement Park

Spend a day riding along your favorite roller coasters and rides at the Amusement park. On days like this, you will definitely figure out which one of you is the adrenaline junky.



3. Bento Picnic in the Park

Bento lunches are becoming more popular these days. Originating from Japan, these lunches are sometimes prepared special by someone who wants to show his or her love and appreciation for family, friends, and boy/girl friends. If you have a passion for cooking and want to be a little more creative with your food, prepare a bento box to share at a picnic lunch. This is a great way to reconnect and or just have a casual chat with your boy/girl friend, under a shady tree on a warm day. Watch a tutorial here!


4. A Cute Cooking Class

Culinary classes allow the both of you to use your creativity and if you do not have any culinary skills don’t worry. I mean you are in a cooking class after all. This activity is a way for couples to connect and learn more about each other as they work to cook something delicious.

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5. Couple’s Dance Lessons

Another great class for couples is to take dance lessons. Dance lessons help to establish a greater sense of trust with one another. You will be relying on each other’s physical strength within the dance. Dancing will also pump up your adrenaline and make you feel more active and happy, which will result in a healthier relationship.




6. Glass-Blowing Class

Wait what? Is glass blowing even a thing anymore? Well, apparently yes, and there are classes right here in Toronto! For those of you who don’t know, Glassblowing is a glass-forming technique involving you shaping molted glass using different tools and a blowpipe. By taking these classes with a partner, you will learn the basics of glass blowing and sculpt your own glassware. I don’t know about you, but I really want to try this! Here is the link to their website for classes!
What are some other cute and creative date ideas to try around the University of Toronto? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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