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20 Craigslist Toronto Missed Connections You Need To Read

20 Craigslist Toronto Missed Connections You Need To Read

Craigslist Toronto has missed connections that you have to read to believe. From people wanting to hook up to those looking for love, get ready for a laugh.

If you didn’t know, missed connections is actually a thing on Craigslist where people (usually creeps) leave posts about people they “missed connecting” with. This could be a guy walking into a store and seeing an employee who he wished he talked to or a woman who is trying to connect with the man whose heart she broke. For the most part, the people who post on missed connections seem to be super aggressive and sketchy. But, there are some genuine people who are looking for love. These are 20 Craigslist Toronto missed connections you need to read right now!

1. Falling for the pen pal

2. ” You must be American”

3. Heartbroken over co-worker

4. Maddie, where are you?

5. Looking for the salt-pepper hair

6. Amber, please find this man

7. Blonde girl from Walmart


8. “It was something about the way you move your arms”



9. Employee of Cosmo


10. The girl reading Patrick Rothfuss


11. Rob?

12. The Lavelle elevator


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13. The girl on the train

14. The waitress who cleaned the table


15. The idiot who fell in love at first sight



16. “We looked at each other twice”

17.  Forgive him!

18.  Big muscle dude

19. Found love in church

20.  The girl in the blue dress

Have you had any experiences with missed connections on Craigslist Toronto!? Share in the comments below!

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