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10 Confessions Of A Makeup Junkie

10 Confessions Of A Makeup Junkie

Being in love with makeup can be a curse. These are confessions from a makeup junkie.

I would say I truly am a makeup junkie. I have drawers of makeup, and when I walk into any beauty aisle my heart fills with glee. When it comes to budgeting, I am a goddess but when it comes to makeup, I cave hard.

1. What’s this for?

Buying things you don’t need is part of being a human being. But I buy things I don’t actually know how to use, like makeup brushes that I find so pointless yet needed to try.

I get sucked into buying things I honestly have no idea how to work.


2. Lots of doubles

If you are a makeup junkie like me that means having a bunch of doubles. I have the same highlighter shade from about six different brands.

I like trying new brands but there is a point where I don’t need 5 different foundations that are all KIND OF my shade.

3. Does this look bad?

I am mildly confident in beating my face like a pro but sometimes I get cocky. Like fake freckles and crooked wing liner cocky.


And the worst part is sometimes I don’t even think it looks bad but in actuality, I look like I wore my eyeshadow to the Toddlers in Tiaras tryout. Take that as you will.

10 Confessions Of A Makeup Junkie

4. Whats my undertone?

This part gets me. I just cannot spot what my undertone is. It makes choosing a foundation so hard and for me. Foundation is a necessity, but I honestly don’t care as long as it makes me one color. Also, I don’t like a thick foundation.


5. Lipstick Always

Lipstick is my kryptonite. It is the smoke to my high, the straw to my berry. I solidly stand by that if you always have lipstick on you, no one can ruin a day. 1, 2,3 fabulous.

It is an addiction that I am not ashamed of. Lipstick can fix almost anything.

10 Confessions Of A Makeup Junkie


6. Highlight…Everywhere

You know those days when you want to be covered in sparkles. That is me quite often. I want to feel like a queen at Mardi Gras.  I will make 95% of my face glow every day if I could.

It’s not exactly a wearable look as Heidi would say.  But sometimes it about SPARKLING GURL!

7. THAT Shade

Speaking of lipstick you know that shade that you have. Like the shade that you have in every brand and in multiple places around your house.


Like in all your purses, jackets, your car. The shade that makes you dangerously narcissistic. For me, that is a dark nude. I feel like Courtney Love.


10 Confessions Of A Makeup Junkie

8. Let’s Match

My eyes have to match my outfit. I can not leave the house in a green sweater and a burgundy eye. It will not happen. I am not saying a monotone look but I will not do clashing makeup.

9.  No Lashes

False lashes are my enemy, and the worst part is I don’t even have lashes. Well, I do but they are so small and they stick straight out. I can never have the full perfect lashes.


I guess it isn’t meant to be but that does not mean that I don’t always buy lashes for an event then take 35 minutes putting them on only to take them off before I leave.

10. Sad Eyeliner

I love a good Taylor Momsen/Avril Lavigne MOMENT. It is sort of my whole thing. But that doesn’t mean that I always want that.

So why is that my eyeliner on my waterline always without a doubt will smear down my face. Waterproof or not.


10 Confessions Of A Makeup Junkie

I am a certified makeup junkie with a functioning habit. What are your makeup confessions? Leave a comment down below!

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