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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To The University of Toronto

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To The University of Toronto


As a graduating student preparing to begin a master program in September, I reflected on my time at the University of Toronto. Four years ago, I was a high school student beginning my university career. Clueless to the expectations the university had of its students and uncertain of the outcome of my future studies. I was certain that I wanted to enroll in this institution. And now, in the conclusion of my undergraduate degree, I am glad to have made this decision. Here are 5 reasons why I chose to go to University of Toronto.

1. Reputation

Ranking at number one in Canada and in the top 25 best universities in the world, a degree from UofT certainly gives graduates advantages for the job market. Also this observation is not meant in any way to deter the integrity of the course work or professors at other universities. Nevertheless, it seems as if a social norm exists where UofT students are considered the most intelligent and prepared to enter the job market. Additionally, the name allows its graduates to have certain bragging rights about their qualifications, which are not as effective with other institutions.

2. Location

From Bloor to College street and St. George to Bay street, the downtown UofT campus is located in the heart of the city. Within its density and overwhelming crowd sizes, the city nurtures a variety of restaurants and cafes, clothing boutiques, museums and galleries. This means that anybody can find a little haven in order to escape the pressures of academic lives.


3. Program Selections

The university has an overabundance of programs and courses, in which students can enroll before specializing within a profession. I personally changed my field of study three times before settling within the Political Science and German department. Even in my graduation year, I aspire to change my career trajectory and specialize in an alternative field for my graduate work. My decision comes only because of my assurance for the university to provide me with quality education in any profession I choose to study.


4. Academic and Extra-Curricular Resources

Robarts Library alone has over 4.5 million books and is the third largest library in North America. The abundance of information means that any student can discover the proper scholarly articles and books to finish any last minute assignment. To complement the diverse resources in academia, the university also provides opportunities for its students to exercise their hobbies and interest. With over 800 official university clubs, students can integrate into the social scheme and create friendships with likeminded people.

5. Multiculturalism

With a city slogan like “Diversity Our Strength”, Toronto harbors some of the most multicultural neighborhoods in the world. It is no surprise then that multiculturalism also transfers into the university setting. I personally enjoyed meeting international students coming from France, Switzerland, and South Korea. Because it gave me the opportunity to learn about their popular culture and social norms. It also allowed me to see the society through their eyes and understand common day situations in a new light. In the end, it felt as though our foreignness with one another transformed into interpersonal connections that were supported by communal assurance and empathy.

Do you have any other reasons to chose the University of Toronto? Let us know down below!
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