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10 Children’s Movies That Were Actually Creepy

10 Children’s Movies That Were Actually Creepy

10 Children's Movies That Were Actually Creepy

I am a sucker for an old school children’s movie. But now at the tender age of 20, I realize that some of those beloved children’s movies actually boil down to be kind of creepy.

1.  School of Rock

Compared to other movies mentioned on this list this one may seem a bit odd. It isn’t a movie that is meant to strike fear into the hearts of children but the premise is a bit risky. Jack Black plays Dewey Finn a loveable rocker that just wants to play battle of the bands. His roommate gets a call to be a substitute teacher but unemployed Dewey decides to masquerade as his unknowing roommate, Ned Schneebly.

What makes this movie ‘creepy’ is the fact that a completely unqualified stranger teaches and in essence kidnaps a bunch of kids to play battle of the bands and in his time as substitute teaches them well nothing. At first glance, the parent’s reaction seems foolish and you feel for Black’s character. But imagine this actually happened. Creepy.


2. Goonies

The 1985 classic  Goonies was terrifying in the way that the bad guys are a mob. The Fratelli families kidnap the humourous Chunk and leave him with their deformed brother, Sloth.

If the families head, mama doesn’t give you the willies then the adventures of this ragtag group of kids will. On a quest through a mine and being hunted by three criminals doesn’t sound like a great Sunday afternoon.  Also, the fact that this family leave their deformed brother locked in his room and treats him like an animal is already not ideal.

3. The Neverending Story

This fantasy film uses themes that would scare adults. Fantasia is a fantasy world that is threatened by The Nothing. An endless black cloud that consumes everything in its path. Harsh. They need help from their hero to save the childlike princess and her subjects.


If this already doesn’t want to make you grab the blankets and the tissues then the scene (spoiler) where the hero’s horse basically drowns in mud will sure make those tears fall. This children’s movie is dark and sad, not the lively fantasy films we all love. Next.

4. E.T

Ahh E.T, a classic that honestly, I thought was aggressively boring. But what makes E.T actually scary is the fact that like The Neverending Story, E.T brings some adult concepts to a childhood film. As a child, you may look pasts the topics that as an adult will leave you petrified.

5. Bridge to Terabithia

The children’s movie Bridge to Terabithia happens to make my brother cry every time. He knows what happens when it happens but at 22 he will still cry. Besides the big heartbreaking moment, the relationship between the adorable Jesse and his teacher is kind of weird.


You a licensed professional pick up a boy child you being a female teacher and leave for the day. It was harmless but still is a massive grey area. In my book, it’s a no-no.

6. The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks is one of the ultimate classics and stars Emilio Estevez at his finest. No complaints here. But he is coaching a bunch of kids hockey because he got arrested for a DUI. Not that I am a parent or anything but for me, I would rather that a felon not be around my child.

This may be an unpopular opinion- or not. In the beginning, he didn’t even want to be there and was kind of mean to a bunch of kids who really just needed adult support.


7.  The Last Unicorn

This children’s movie sucked. It sucked hard. The evil king wants to destroy all the unicorns but there was something eery. Maybe it was the old school animation.

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And the unicorn gets captured and kept in a cage with a bunch of miserable animals. This is the start of a hero’s quest and viewers dissent into veganism.


8. Clueless

A classic. This movie led fashion waves as well as being part of the movies we so know and love. What makes this movie into the creepy section is the romance between bitchy Cher and her stepbrother.

I don’t know if it is technically a children’s movie but its close. A great movie but at the end of it we can’t help but say ‘as if’.

9. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Johnny Depp has a way of making your nightmares come true. Did anyone else see Edward Scissor hands? I know I did. Willy Wonka is eccentric and loveable but at times he rubs me the wrong way.


He has no care for these children or who they brought. His dad was a creepy dentist and his flashback scenes will give you goosebumps. This children’s movie is great at seeming like it is not a terrifying acid trip. And that haircut. No thanks.

10. Beauty and the Beast

I know, how can beauty and the beast be on here? Every Disney movie is a great children’s movie, right? In short, he keeps her captive and a scar and loveable monster. But the whole being restrained against my will by a giant half man half beast sounds like hell.

Children’s movies are a great Sunday past time but here is our list of 10 you may want to avoid. Comment your creepy kid flicks down below!

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