10 Chic Ways To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans may be the undisputed winner of denim. They are loose enough to be comfortable on lazy days, but fitted enough to be flattering, and are therefore perfect for every occasion. From meeting up for a lunch date, to a girl’s night out, to a casual dressy outfit for the office, here are 10 of the trendiest outfits involving boyfriend jeans.

1. Relaxed and Casual

Boyfriend jeans with mixed denim and a few well-placed rips are perfect for an on-point, casual look. Pair the jeans with a ballet-inspired top and some cute patches to make the look your own.

2. Cat Lady

I admit, I am a bit of a cat lady. I love cats, which came as an unexpected inspiration for a cute outfit with a sporty mix. A hat for sunny weather and sneakers make this outfit perfect for a crazy busy weekday.

3. Chic Night Out

Boyfriend jeans are often cut at the ankle, so they’re super flattering with strappy ankle heels. Pairing these together will highlight your legs in a major way.

4. Dark and Stylish

An easy tee, big headphones, and comfy jeans make up the ideal outfit for telling the world “do not disturb,” and looking good doing it. The dark vibe of this set is super flattering, and long boots and a printed bomber will keep you warm on chilly days.



5. Double Denim with a Pop of Color

I’m going to let you in on a Canadian secret: double denim can instantly make any outfit warmer and edgier. A daring body chain paired over a long top with bright shoes creates a simple, yet unforgettable ensemble.

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6. All White Everything

Victoria’s Secret shouldn’t always be a secret. A shimmery, lingerie-inspired cami will instantly create visual allure. Adding on subtle metallic pieces will make your outfit totally unique.

7. Romantic

Romantic colours and classic silhouettes, like a mysterious cape, pair perfectly with a more tomboy style of denim. Throw on your go-to boots and jewelry for a date night outfit that’s ready for any activity.

8. Business Casual

With a good pair of boyfriend jeans, business casual becomes much easier to transition from Friday meetings to after work events, or a well-deserved crash on the couch to welcome in the weekend.



9. Mix and Match Prints

Who says you only have to wear one print at a time? These prints are too fun to wear alone. Tie the plaid button up around your waist in unpredictable fall weather, pull your hair back, and you’re ready for anything.

10. Moody Boho

Even if you feel like switching your weekend plans last minute, this outfit is versatile and perfect for an unexpected adventure. Faux leather flats, a reliable tote, and a moody floral kimono create the perfect twist on a classic style.

Share your favourite ways to wear boyfriend jeans in the comments!

Featured image source: ninjacosmico.com
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