Chic Party Decor For Your Summer BBQ

The arrival of summer only means it’s time for BBQ parties! Whether it’d be for a birthday or just a mini reunion with friends, decorating the backyard is still crucial to maximize excitement and overall fun. Although many would assume that hotdogs and burgers are simply enough to satisfy guests, well they need to think further. Check out these chic party decor for your BBQ ideas that will surely motivate people to amp up their hosting game!

1. Find cool containers for beer or other alcoholic drinks.

For any (adult) BBQ party, serving alcoholic drinks such as beer is given. But what better way to hype your guests than serving them booze through a wheel barrow or a barrel? This chic party decor may seem a little extra for some people but that extra added “essence” is worth it.

2. Use tiki torches for lighting.

Hanging lights are ideal for backyard parties but honestly, they are slightly overdone. Consider putting tiki torches in your backyard for your primary lighting. These chic party decor are easier to install and they add the perfect summer “island-y” vibe to your party. They also contain citronella oil which repels insects such as mosquitoes!

3. Use mason jars instead of red plastic cups.

Party goers in the past would say “it ain’t a party without red plastic cups”. It’s 2019 and people like to go for things that are a little more unconventional. Unless you are throwing a party for more than 15 people, consider using mason jars instead of the iconic red cups. Make sure to pair them with stainless steel metal straws!

4. Use oil lamps and lanterns for lighting or table decors.

If the tiki torches are not going to do it for you, then oil lamps and lanterns may be a good substitute. These chic party decor act as excellent decors for the table, exhibiting an intimate vintage ambience. They can also serve as scent diffusers depending on the oil or candle you are using.

5. Set up a menu (chalk) board.

This is an excellent decoration to put by your backyard entrance. If you are serving multiple dishes, this is an ideal and quick way to excite your newly-arrived guests and their taste buds. Invest in a chalk memo board for that ultimate old school theme!

6. Invest in chic paper plates.

Out with those boring white uncoated paper plates and in with plaid or floral paper plates! They may be a little more expensive but if you are exerting effort on your decorations, these may be worth purchasing. After all, guests will take notice of your plates when they are eating right?

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7. Set up flowers in cans for table decors.

For that ultimate summer table decor, flowers are obviously your best choice. They add colour to the table and are very fragrant! For flower decorations, we suggest tulips, poppies, sunflowers, or daisies. For containers, we recommend using tin cans if you intend to minimize decorations. For a bigger centre piece, use a metal bucket or a milk pale.

8. Set up a “Build Your Own Skewer” Table.

An amusing way to get your guests involved with the BBQ is by setting a “Build Your Own Skewer” table! Prepare containers of cherry tomatoes, onions, cauliflower, and some delectable meat and you are good to go! This way, guests can engage with others and at the same time, make and cook their own skewers in any way they like!

Can you think of other BBQ party decor hacks that will delight your guests? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

Featured image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/people-barbecuing-skewered-meats-1260310/
Louise Tabora

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