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10 Cheap Restaurants In Toronto That Will Save Your Wallet

10 Cheap Restaurants In Toronto That Will Save Your Wallet

Cheap restaurants are great when breaking out that wallet kind of hurts your soul. These Toronto classics are a great place to grab a quick bite that won’t break the bank. More than just the generic they offer some diversity to your food pallet. Can you say yummy!

1.  Seven Lives 

Who doesn’t want at least seven lives? This little Kensington joint has tacos stacked to the complete brim with fillings such as fish and octopus.


Cute and casual this is a great place to grab a cheap bite to eat. Definitely one of our rad cheap restaurants here in the majestic city.

2. PG Clucks 

This Little Italy take-out spot specializes in massive sandwiches stacked high with delectable fried chicken and creamy coleslaw.


Grab a ridiculous sandwich or a piece of crispy poultry on its own. If you can’t afford to go to Nashville make sure to check this place out!

3. Pho Tien Thanh 


Pho tends to be a favorite as it is a reasonable price and a Vietnamese staple. This place is a great date spot for all your slurping extravaganzas.

This hot spot situated in Ossignton absolutely makes it fun and fresh. Don’t snooze on this super yummy soup spot!

4. Torteria Tan Cosme


If you happen to like churros and tacos this is the right place for your lunch needs. A colorful place in Kensington with appetizing bites and specialty drinks.

It is bright and vibrant which makes it the perfect spot for that warmer weather! A place you definitely don’t want to miss. Who really doesn’t like a bomb churro?


5. Ozzys Burgers 

Situated in Kensington this halal burger joint does not break the bank.  They stick to a fresh and never frozen regime that leaves their burgers juicy and delicious.

Their kitchen is an open concept so when they say halal they want you to know that they mean it. SHARON!


6.  Olde York 

Fish and chips aren’t just for that of our eastern brothers and sisters. This Leaside hotspot really does know how to make your mouth water.

Their tradition pub aesthetic with the large leather chairs and the homey feel makes it one of our favorite cheap restaurants.


7. Gold Standard

These Detroit style burgers are a craze as they are all only $6! Cheap restaurants are one thing but this really is what we like to see.

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A convenient take-out window for your lunch rush needs provides the perfect opportunity to grab a quick bite. Really is the gold standard.

8. Ryus Noodle Bar

This Danforth favorite really is the talk of the town. If you are willing to splurge a bit for remarkable ramen then this is the place for you.


Considering that noodle is in the name you can be damn sure that they know how to make some.

9. Holy Chuck Burgers 


As stated their business is entirely burger. Holy Chuck’s homemade chipotle sauce is rave-worthy and definitely worth a visit to this Young and St.Clair destination.

Made with certified grade AAA beef this is a spot that you do not want to miss. Can you say holy chuck!

10. Doner King


Even though this fabulous spot is located in Scarborough which is arguably not apart of Toronto it had to make our list. Almost everything on this menu is under $5 so what really is not to love?

Hearty portions of Turkish specialties stock the menu which makes this a cult favorite.

Cheap restaurants are definitely our favorite type of restaurants! Comment some of your Toronto gems down below.

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