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15 Cheap Restaurants In Montreal

15 Cheap Restaurants In Montreal

These are our cheap restaurants in Montreal! Student life might not be that bad.

Being broke and hungry is not #goals. That’s why cheap restaurants really are what dreams are made of. Here are some of our cheap and easy eats in Montreal.

1. Warehouse

Warehouse is a great place for a Saturday night. The drinks are good and it consistently plays all your radio favs. But what is great about Warehouse is that they have a $5 menu.

Everything from Mac&Cheese to a Ceasar Salad is $5, even there kick ass burger. That and a sangria. Yes, please.


15 Cheap Restaurants In Montreal

2. Amir

Amirs is more than your everyday shawarma place. The place itself really is nothing to look at. It has the same vibe as every other fast food restaurant but with no theme.

The thing that makes amirs great is their food and their price. Its cheap and easy, their potatoes are what my dreams are made of. Topped with their garlic sauce you are sure to be satisfied. Amirs is a chain restaurant so like Mcdonalds you are never really far from one.


3. El Ray del Taco

Situated in the Jean Talon market this local Mexican restaurant is also a great place to shop! Some of the best salsa and guacamole makes it a great place for dinner and snacks.

Small and lively with large portions, a very authentic vibe. My favorite is the churros. Filled with caramel and crispy they are binge-worthy.

4. Pho 88

Pho 88 is on the corner of Queen Mary and Decarie, two blocks from the Snowdon Metro. Pho 88 is a cheap Vietnamese restaurant serving classics such as salad rolls and spring rolls.


Their pho has great flavor and won’t break the bank. It is in a remodeled convenient community that is Snowdon. Pho 88 rare beef pho is sure to make your heart warm. $11 for a large is what we like to see.

15 Cheap Restaurants In Montreal

5. Kinka Izakya

Kinka Izaykya is one of my favorite places in Montreal! When you walk in the atmosphere is already friendly and lively as everyone who works there says hello the minute you walk in.


They are a Korean restaurant that is more tapas. They have bigger items on the menu as well as a lunch menu. It is on Saint Catherine street putting it in the heart of downtown Montreal!

6. Boustan

Much like Amirs, this is a more fast food styled middle eastern restaurant. Very popular after a night out, Boustans is sure to be busy any Saturday night.

Their shawarmas and crispy fries make them very popular to those who have a small wallet. They are fast and their food hits the spot everytime with its sauce and general bustling ambiance. If you need to soak up all that Tequila from the night before definitely go here.


7. Bofinger BBQ

Bofinger is located in West Sherbrooke and has an excellent southern barbeque. They have an array of barbeque sauce some sweet and some fiery.

Appetizers like texas toast and chili cheese nachos with an old west movie, specifically Young guns is a great Thursday evening.  They do takeout and delivery, you definitely get your bang for your buck!

8. Marusan

Old- Montreal is definitely not a hot spot for cheap restaurants but there is an exception. Murasan is a Japanese restaurant specializing in donburi rice bowls and bento boxes.


There is a lunch menu that is cheaper than the dinner menu. Their signature rice bowls are mostly under $10!

9. Poulet Bronze

A lot like KFC but so much better. Their fried chicken is some of the best there is. Poulet Bronze is a fast food restaurant by Concordia Universities downtown campus.

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Their chicken is crunchy and flavourful and a combo meal comes to about $12. Their fries are crunchy and their sizes are filling.

10. Bombay Mahal

Bombay Mahal is an Indian restaurant on st. Catherine street. It is a small restaurant and there are no tables that seat more than two people but their food is delicious. Their atmosphere needs work but their authentic Indian food is cheap and great.

15 Cheap Restaurants In Montreal


11. Don Taco

Don Taco is attached to a bakery making it even better. Their daily tacos are only $2 making it a hit. They have a smaller menu but their prices kick ass. If you ever want a cheap taco and cupcake Don Taco is where to go.

12. Ganadara

A Korean restaurant that features dishes like the spicy tuna kimbap and dak rolls. They have a large menu and it is very cute inside. A bustling atmosphere with great cheap food!

13. Fortune Tacos

Fortune Tacos is a more fusion then the other two taco restaurants listed (I love tacos!) It has a more Canadianised take on tacos and provides a very simple style. It gives a food truck vibe that is very cool.


15 Cheap Restaurants In Montreal

14. Sami Soup Dumplings

Variety of soup dumplings Sami Soup is downtown and can get very busy. They deliver through Foodora which makes them iconic.

15. Cantor

Situated on Queen Mary this bakery really does have it all. From their lattes to their creating your own sandwiches. You can do most of your grocery shopping their if you hate to cook as they are also a deli.

These are some of our go tos in Montreal. What are some of yours? Share down below in the comments.
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