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15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Dalhousie University

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Dalhousie University

It's hard to date when college life has you broke. Lucky for you, here are 15 cheap and fun date ideas near Dalhousie University to help you out!

Whether you found someone you really like, or you just decided to go on a mindless Tinder date for the fun of it, it’s hard to date when college life has you broke. Lucky for us, Dalhousie University is right in the main city of Halifax, so there’s lots to do. Here are 15 cheap and fun date ideas near Dalhousie University!

1. Grab a hot chocolate at Coburg Coffee!

Coburg Coffee is super cute! The atmosphere is perfect for a first date. A lot of students go to study there, so if your date walks in, and you realize they look nothing like their profile, just act like you’re studying super hard! Coburg Coffee also puts on a lot of cute live music events if you ever just want to chill.

2. Ride the ferry to Dartmouth, but don’t get off.

The ferry is super cheap and perfect for if you and your date are just down for an adventure. Enjoy the salty air while you talk, laugh, and share embarrassing stories of your younger years. Also, depending on when you go, what better way to catch a sunset?


3. Go for a skate at the Oval!

The Oval is free and open year round! And let me tell you, if you’re a complete klutz, it’s the perfect ploy to hold your dates hand the entire time! It’s such an innocent and cute date, that ends up with a lot more physical contact than either anticipated. Perfect if you’ve already gone out with this person and you just need to break the touch barrier.


4. Pack a picnic and hang out at Point Pleasant.

Point Pleasant is such a beautiful area. If you or your date is a dog lover, you’re bound to get plenty of puppy therapy! And the best part of a picnic is that you don’t necessarily have to buy food. You can make it at home, or if you do want to buy, you can just grab sandwiches at your fave sub shop. Grab a blanket and enjoy the view and each others company.


5. Sled on the little hill next to SMU or down by Citadel!

Sledding is such an innocent, yet exciting, winter activity. Take your date! A sledding date is great if you want to laugh a bit at your date when they eat it, or also good if you want to innocently get close to each other by going down the hill together. Here’s a little tip though, whoever sits in front, depending on the hight difference, is likely to get more snow in their face.

6. Grab some FroYo from Goji (Hint: You can use your DalCard!)

Goji is so cute! And a Frozen Yogurt date is straight out of one of the Disney Original movies all little girls grow up watching. Check it off of your “If-This-Were-A-Movie” date list. There are so many delicious flavours, and if you’re like me, so many drool-worthy toppings! And with your DalCard, it’s technically free!

7. Hangout on the Waterfront.

The waterfront is such a cute little area, and there is so much down there that people forget about! Hang out on the hammocks and laugh at how difficult it is for both of you to comfortably sit on them together; or if you had no problem, laugh at all the people who end up falling off! There’s also a cute little shop that sells chocolates made in the area.


8. Make a fun scavenger hunt at the Shopping Centre!

I wouldn’t have thought of this, but I actually went on a double date with a friend and the guys had this whole thing planned! What you do is choose one thing to describe on each floor and put it on a list. Meet up again and switch lists. Nothing is out of bounds. After you think you found everything, regroup and show what you found. Here’s the thing though, if the description was too vague, you get the point with whatever you found. If you find something that you think is it, and it turns out not to be it, but it’s super clever, you get the point! Only danger is all the stores. When I went, HMV was having their final sale. I left the date $40 short.

9. Grab a coin and let the coin decide where you go!

I saw this idea on Facebook one day, it’s best if you have a car, but it’s not necessary. Basically, take a coin and flip it. Heads means left, tails means right. Whenever you get to an intersection, flip the coin. Wherever you end up is your date. Talk about an adventure!


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10. Head to the Boardroom Game Café.

The Boardroom Game Café is super cute and allows you to show off your geeky/nerdy side. It’s only $5 a person. As long as you don’t attempt to order much on the menu, you should be fine!

11. Go to the Grawood.

The Grawood is the campus pub. It’s a cute, rustic, hole in the wall area in the SUB. Often times, they’ll have theme nights or talent shows happening so keep up with what they’re doing for sure!


12. Go to Darrell’s and share a milkshake!

Darrell’s is a must! Their burgers are award winning and their milkshakes are to die for! Even if you go just for a milkshake, go! You can mix them up. If you both get your own mix, but have two straws in both, imagine the possibilities! Personally, as a chocoholic, I suggest either peanut butter-chocolate or mint-chocolate.

13. Get on the first bus you see and ride it all the way to the end and back.

This is similar to riding the ferry, minus sea sickness. There are always interesting people on the busses. Share some earbuds and guess the occupation/age/backstory of the people in front of you. You’re bound for a laugh, or a very deep conversation.

14. See a play at the Rebecca Cohn Theatre on Student Preview night (free with your DalCard).

Want a little bit of culture in your life? Keep up with what the Dal Theatre students are doing by heading to the Arts building in front of the Rowe, next to the McCain. Most shows have two nights of student previews so check online, grab your date and your DalCard, and head on over!


15. Build a snowman/have a snowball fight before grabbing a cup of hot cocoa and watching some Netflix.

We’ve all heard of Netflix and Chill, but Netflix is best enjoyed when you’re exhausted. How about going out and playing in the snow together, then retreating back inside, cocoa and blankets at the ready. A perfect cuddle date night. Probably a better date for when you and your date are in the Boyfriend/girlfriend zone and are comfortable with each other.

Do you have any other cheap and fun date ideas near Dalhousie University? Share in the comments below!
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