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10 Cheap Dinner Ideas When You’re Low On Cash

10 Cheap Dinner Ideas When You’re Low On Cash

Let’s face it. Dining in Toronto is NOT cheap. Many of the city’s citizens already struggle to pay their monthly rent, let alone to indulge at expensive restaurants. Luckily, Toronto is also home to a number of the cheapest and most delicious dining spots that even please tourists from all over the world. If you are major foodie but can’t really afford to savour on fine dining food, then you are at the right page. We have provided a list of 10 of cheap dinner ideas with prices that range from the single to low two digits so get your wallets and stomachs ready!

1. El Furniture Warehouse

A popular spot for students, “El Furni” is a classic go-to that provides courses less than $5! From burgers to mac and cheese, from tacos to chicken wings, they’ve got options that will surely satisfy any  fast food craving.


2. Wilbur Mexicana

Don’t let the line-up trouble you because there is a very good reason. Apart from the affordability, their tacos are one of the most delectable in the city and the best part is their massive assortment of hot sauces that you have complete freedom over!

3. Bahn Mi Boys

A high rating joint, the Boys specialize in none other than Bahn Mi sandwiches, a popular Vietnamese street food. They’ve got a variety of options – from braised beef cheek and pork belly to squid and duck confit. They have sufficiently satisfying sides as well including kimchi fries and papaya salad.


4. King Slice

Their “king” sized pizzas are flocked because they are simply delicious and affordable. Popular through out the day, their traffic further peaks at 12 am where all bar or club goers head over to the food spot to satisfy their midnight hunger.

5. The Bagel House

Known for their authentic Montreal wood oven bagels, this spot will get you craving for breakfast all day long. They have a wide range of bagel and sandwich options, which all fall below $10. They also carry party platters which is ideal for mini get togethers!


6. Rol San

For cheap dinner ideas, china town is one of the places to be. Rol San is known for ample plates of Chinese food and fast dim sum. As the restaurant is close to the line of bars at Spadina, it is a major go to spot after 12 midnight.

7. Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta To Go

Feeling pasta for the night? No problem! This recently opened take out spot serves freshly made pasta dishes right in front of you. They carry homemade sauces that practically cater to anyone’s dietary needs – from meat to fish to vegetarian. Meals range below 13 dollars which is reasonable for their filling take out box.

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8. Lasa

Lasa is an easy stop-by to instantly fulfill Filipino food longings. It is an extension of La Mesa, a more upscale Filipino cuisine restaurant on Queen St. West. Their courses that range less than $15 and the “instagrammable” interior should be enough to make you visit numerous times.



German sausages are what this place is notable for and they’ve got plenty of them! From meat options such as chorizo and wild boar to vegan choices such as Mediterranean and black, the restaurant is a literal sausage fest! They also have a wide selection of great craft beer to accompany your meal.

10. The Fish Store

For fish lovers, there isn’t a better cheap dining spot than the fish store. They make one of the best fish sandwiches in the city and their options are endless! With a price between $6 to $10, this place is ideal for those who want to cut down the carbs.


What other wallet-friendly food spots can you suggest? Share them below!

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